5 of the Most Bizarre Footwear Fashions You’ll Ever See

With springtime here and summer just around the corner, we’re starting to see all kinds of strange and different footwear fashions hitting the streets, from sandals and flats to gladiator laces and cute sneakers. The general styles of these shoes, though, we’ve all seen – flats, heels, small embellishments, laces, etc.

So what would you do if you saw one of these 5 footwear fashions out walking around your block? I’m going to go ahead and guess you’d stop and gawk – because these are 5 fashions you can’t help but take a second, third or fourth look at.

Painted Footwear

These shoes are literally painted to look like a foot. Surprisingly, the shoe styles range from stilettos to Five Fingers – all painted in different ways to resemble a human foot.

Some of the high heel styles have painted soles, so they look like a regular pair of heels, but with painted bottoms. But the sandals are probably the real eye catchers – some are even painted and embellished to look like a hairy foot!

They’re actually shoes, though – not just bare feet covered in paint, they’re functioning shoes that might just take the cake for the ugliest things I’ve ever seen! Possibly the worst factoid relating to the hairy suckers: they’re made by Nike. Ew, Nike. Ew.

(Photo credit: gizmodiva.com)

Shoe Pants

Have you ever seen a pair of pants that literally continues all the way down the foot and has a sole at the bottom? You will now.

Yep – shoe pants. They’re shoes that lace all the way up the front of the leg like a pair of lacy boots, but they keep going – all the way up to the waist.

Where does the shoe end and the pant begin, or vice versa? Who knows with these weird looking fashion statements. If you see these out on the streets, I grant you full permission to stop and stare.

(Photo credit: epidemicfun.com)

Animal Hooves

Now the shoe industry isn’t exactly going out chopping off the foots of animals and turning them into shoes (thankfully) – but it sure looks like they are.

There’s a new popularity craze over shoes that make your feet look like animal hooves. You might see everything from super high heels with bottoms made of horse shoes to fuzzy shoes that literally have clove foot toes on them.

They make women look like animals, so if you’re into that kind of thing, then these shoes are totally for you. Otherwise, leave them on the runways in the weird fashion shows where they belong, and wear normal human shoes. Please, I beg of you.

(Photo credit: ofthefashionblog.blogspot.com)

Creepy-Crawly Cages

So the clear, plastic shoe thing has been around for quite some time now (who even decided that was fashionable in the first place, anyway?), but now more than ever people are starting to fill their clear heels with weird things.

Like, tarantulas weird. There are shoes out there right now that literally house tarantulas, ants, spiders and other creepy-crawly critters – and women walk around on top of them like it’s nothing at all.

Well, by “women,” I mean runway models, of course. If you run into these creepy shoes, take a gander at them, and run for your life.

(Photo credit: weblogsurf.com)

Heelless Shoes

Nina Ricci is the designer responsible for this weird shoe phenomenon. These are shoes that are so high and angled in the toe that they don’t even have heels.

You might wonder how women keep their balance at all in these shoes – well, so do I. And I wish I could tell you, but I can’t quite seem to figure them out myself.

While these are probably the least appalling of the 5 bizarre shoes I’ve outlined here, the difficulty they must be to walk in make them equally strange. If you can figure out how to wear them, then more power to you, but these are another pair of shoes that I, for one, would just want to gawk at.

(Photo credit: stylefrizz.com)

Liz Granger is a freelance writer and strong proponent for comfortable shoes that can be worn anytime, anywhere. She loves her feet and wants to treat them well, and she thinks you should want to, too!


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  1. I don’t think. I mean I KNOW I would never wear any of these, especially the spider YUCK!
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  2. Not my style!! EEK 🙁
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  3. Such bizarre shoes! I would not want to wear that painted sandal with the hairy feet! haha

  4. I’d wear ALL of them, Totally MY style.

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