8 Creative Ways to Spruce Up Your Place for the Halloween/Fall Season

8 Creative Ways to Spruce Up Your Place for the Halloween/Fall Season

As the leaves begin to drop from the trees above, it may remind you that summer is coming to an end and Fall is quickly approaching! The kids have gone back to school for another activity packed year, vacationers have returned from their tropical paradises, back to the work mill and—gasp!—Halloween decorations have already made their way into nearly every store you visit. It’s time to jump on board and decorate your home to your heart’s content! Here’s some fun, easy and affordable ways to make your home fall-tastic (without buying expensive store bought decorations!)

Homemade Halloween Decorations


· 1. A Mouse Jack-O-Hotel! A highly creative Halloween decoration, you’ll be the talk of the neighborhood! If you’re tired of traditional carving themes, try carving a bunch of circles into your oversized pumpkin and sticking rubber, toy mice in the holes. It will look like a mouse hotel, and a perfect decoration for your front porch.

· 2. Make your pumpkins last longer. Instead of carving out your pumpkins, try painting them instead. The kids will love this activity just as much as carving and for the younger ones, it may help them to feel more involved in the process. Buy a variety of acrylic paints from the store and go crazy decorating! If you have stairs, place one small pumpkin on each stair leading up to your home for added decoration.


· 3. Glowing ghosts! Blow up a few balloons, and insert a glow stick into each sealed balloon. Have the kids help you draw eyes and a mouth with a felt tip marker. Place cheesecloth over the lit balloons, laying it over the knot of the balloon, tie and hang from the trees or anywhere else noticeable for children of the neighborhood to be frightened by!

Fun and Festive Fall Decorations!


· 4. Felt Fall Leaves. Fun and colorful, felt leaves are easy to do (and a great activity to include the kids on, once you cut out the leaf shapes.) Buy leaf templates from your local hobby store and cut out a variety of different colored felt. Stitch three sides of the leaf together and from the top hang them with a thin piece of ribbon – anything you have lying around the house. Have the kids help you figure out where to put the garland. As a table topper, across bookshelves or hanging from the ceiling perhaps?

· 5. Get creative with centerpieces. With Thanksgiving on the horizon, there’s nothing like a beautiful centerpiece to make your guests really get in the cozy mood. Whether you go with oak leaves and pears or one laced with fruit and flowers, you can’t go wrong. Easy to put together with whatever you have in your backyard, it’s easy and a quick decoration. Don’t forget to garnish with acorns!

More Tips to Remember for a Creative Autumn Season

· 6. The fall season is all about warmth and comfort so put away those brightly colored tablecloths and pillows. Replace them with festive textures and fall colors like browns, deep reds and yellows. You can bring in different textures like heavy blankets made of wool and curtains made of velvet.

· 7. Put together a big basket of small, medium and large pumpkins as a centerpiece. You can also add dried corn to the mix and make it particularly festive! Or, negate the pumpkins and put together a basket of fresh fruit like green apples for the center of your table. Easy as pie!

· 8. Another easy activity for the kids here. Buy some mini pumpkins of any color and arrange them on your table runner, kitchen island, or along a bookshelf. In between each pumpkin that is evenly spread out, have the kids arrange pretty, colorful leaves they picked out from the backyard.

Author Bio: Heather J. writes on behalf of Design55, a UK-based interior design shop, and your source for great modern homewares!


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