Know Your Limits! Camp Site Rules and Regulations

All campsites have their own rules such as Quiet Time at night or no fires, but some take the rules and regulations a bit further. Here are ten somewhat different campsite rules from around the world. 1) Shorts are not allowed to be worn in swimming pools in France, and everyone has to wear a bathing cap, even if bald. Male swimmers have to wear Speedo-type small trunks instead. The reasons given for this vary – some sites say it’s to avoid body hair clogging up the pool’s drains; others say … [Read more...]

Flash Freezing for Time and Money

  With so many farmer’s markets popping up this is a great time of the year to stock up on fruits and vegetables for the winter.  If you have the extra space in the freezer you can flash freeze them and have them stocked up.  Flash freezing is just a quick method to freeze the fruits or vegetables to keep them fresh until you are ready to use them. I have a very simple method to make it really easy to do.  The first thing is to cut up your fruit or vegetables into whatever size you … [Read more...]

What You May Not Know (And Should Know) About Chipmunks

  If you see a chipmunk in your yard, consider these important facts:   Chipmunks Dig, Building their Homes Underground You might have noticed a bunch of unsightly holes in your yard. If you’ve seen a chipmunk and haven’t yet seen the holes, it’s only a matter of time.   Chipmunks are actually ground squirrels, digging cousins to the tree-loving variety. They’ll go to town in your garden and make holes under your porch, threatening the foundation of … [Read more...]

The Evolution of 4th of July Celebrations

The Evolution of 4th of July Celebrations The Fourth of July, also known as Independence Day, is the day Americans celebrate the nation’s birthday. The tradition hails back to the American Revolution in the 18th century. The Continental Congress In the summer of 1776, delegates from the 13 colonies, met in Philadelphia and voted to declare independence from England. Thomas Jefferson, a youthful lawyer from Virginia, drafted the Declaration of Independence. The document outlined and … [Read more...]

How To Shop For Children’s Glasses

As a mother of two, choices for my children have never come easily. Even the simple ones that seem like they will require no thought at all become a source for stress and anxiety. This was no less true when it came to selecting eyeglasses for my child. In the spirit of helping to make the decision just a little easier, below is a list of considerations I had to take into account with my own child.   Durability!   Let's face it. Children live and play rough. Glasses designed … [Read more...]