The Best Selling Toys Ever

Some toys come and go out of fashion, whereas others are enduring favourites which sell thousands every year for decades. Designers who strike it lucky and come up with an idea which captures the public imagination can easily make their fortune, given the constant demand for toys from both parents and kids. Star Wars License: Creative Commons Link: One of the biggest film franchises ever is Star Wars, and recent news that … [Read more...]

Teen Bullying: Warning Signs That Your Teen Is Being Bullied at School

Most of us remember what it is like to go through middle school and high school with all the popular kids, as well as the not-so-popular ones. We have been witnesses of school bullying- whether we were simply watching from afar or we were the one being bullied. Now that you are a parent, you want to ensure that your child doesn't go through that torture. Understanding Teen Bullying Bullying is an abuse. Teen bullies try to terrorize, hurt, or scare their victims. They want to induce some … [Read more...]

5 Money Saving Holiday Shopping Tips

With the holidays right around the corner, it's about time to start thinking about everyone's wish lists and start saving your money for holiday shopping. Whether you're the type of person who prefers to wait until the last minute to buy gifts or you prefer to get them done months in advance, here are some money saving tips for holiday shopping. Make a list Just like when you're going grocery shopping, write out what you're looking to buy before you leave for the store. By writing a list, you … [Read more...]

Vegetable Costs Rising? Grow your Own!

The cost of vegetables is growing as farmers are having bad seasons and the prices of operating are increasing. While most people either buy their vegetables from the grocery store or a farmers market, very few people actually grow their own vegetables. The truth is, growing your own vegetable garden may be time consuming, but well worth it. Here are four reasons why you should consider growing your own vegetable garden. Knowledge of what your eating and where it came from Most of the things … [Read more...]

8 Less Well-Known Board Games

Board games are a completely underrated medium of entertainment. Board games have a complete life of their own; players can get immersed for hours in the world of the game. However, you may be getting bored by the old favourites; Monopoly and Boggle are overused and overplayed. So, as a means to an end (and to keep you playing these great games) – here are eight cool board games that hardly anyone knows about. Bootleggers This started as a kickstarter campaign, where Seth Hiatt asked for … [Read more...]

Street Food : The Ultimate Guide

    Whether you are travelling through London, New York, Delhi or Hong Kong you will find that street food has changed. What used to be greasy junk food is now a mix of gourmet and locally sourced food that is prepared to the highest standard and offers you a choice of delicious cuisine which you can eat on the go.   London   Broadway Market, Hackney in London     At Broadway … [Read more...]

Holiday Baskets Make a Great Gift

When you’re not sure what to purchase for an individual, the idea of a holiday gift can be nothing short of overwhelming. One increasingly popular idea for presents, though, is gift baskets, and they make the ideal choice for a number of different reasons. Gift Baskets are the Perfect Size Often when you’re just not sure what to get or what price range it should fall in, gift baskets work well. They can be very larger and luxurious or as small as you like. Gift baskets literally come in all … [Read more...]

Must-Have Tools for Organizing Kids’ Rooms

Let’s face it, kids’ rooms have a natural tendency towards chaos. Fortunately, there are some products and strategies that can help restore order. Closet organizers: Install shelving systems in your kid’s closet. Put seasonal items that aren’t being used higher up on out-of-reach (for them) shelves, and position the rod for clothes at your kid’s level so he or she can reach them without dropping clothes onto the floor. Use different-sized hanging shelves for shoes, socks, and … [Read more...]