Missed The Boat On An Entertainment Classic? Now’s The Time To Catch Up

  Let a friend show you something you may have missed   How many times have you been heard people talk about something amazing they have seen, and you were utterly nonplussed? Some new show on the TV, or a book that they've been hearing all over the place. And you, for your part, don't know what they are talking about. Many of us now are becoming familiar with the experience of feeling our finger is not quite as on the pulse anymore. And it can be … [Read more...]

Why switch to e-cigs?: 5 things you should know before you do

Many people think that e-cigarettes are just a more fashionable way to smoke, but today they’re actually being used by many health organizations as the newest way to quit the habit for good. If you’ve been thinking of making the change from fire-and-tobacco cigarettes to the new e-cigarettes, here are five pieces of information that you should keep in mind before making the switch. 1. How do e-cigs work? E-cigs are made-up of four main parts, the e-liquid holder, the vaporizer, the battery, … [Read more...]