Kid Crafts – Pin It Tuesday

I have a new time suck addiction called Pinterest. I can spend hours on Pinterest. I hope it gets my creative juices flowing for the new year! Today I thought I would share a couple of kid craft ideas with you that I am dying to make with my kids! Let me know in a comment if you would like a Pinterest invite and I'll see if I can hook ya up! Anyway bring on the craft crack!   1: Glow in the dark slime Source: via Beth on Pinterest 2: Homemade Moon … [Read more...]

Thanksgiving Dessert Crafts for Kids

Thanksgiving usually involves crafts and dessert, especially when kids are going to be gathered around your table. But what about combining these two Thanksgiving traditions to create beautiful crafts that you can have for dessert? These suggestions can help you get started. Edible Pilgrim Hats Inspire your Thanksgiving guests with a tribute to those who survived to celebrate that first Thanksgiving. Both cute and edible, pilgrim hats have become a chocolate and marshmallow tradition that is … [Read more...]

Scrapbooking Tips

  Scrapbooking is a fun hobby that many people enjoy. In fact, scrapbooking is quickly becoming a very popular pastime. Because it is so popular it can be very easy to look at scrapbooking examples and get ideas for your own memory albums. However, you might be wondering how to make your scrapbooks look nice on your own without staring at other peoples work and copying them. Don’t worry scrapbooking is not like preparing social studies lesson plans when you have to stay up trying to … [Read more...]

8 Creative Ways to Spruce Up Your Place for the Halloween/Fall Season

8 Creative Ways to Spruce Up Your Place for the Halloween/Fall Season As the leaves begin to drop from the trees above, it may remind you that summer is coming to an end and Fall is quickly approaching! The kids have gone back to school for another activity packed year, vacationers have returned from their tropical paradises, back to the work mill and—gasp!—Halloween decorations have already made their way into nearly every store you visit. It’s time to jump on board and decorate your home to … [Read more...]

Avoid the Halloween Superstore: Get Crafty with Your Costume

Avoid the Halloween Superstore: Get Crafty with Your Costume Believe it or not, Halloween costuming doesn’t need to come with a headache or a huge credit card bill. Rather, it can be an opportunity to spend quality time with your children encouraging them to think creatively. Growing up, instead of heading to the Halloween store (despite our begging) my mom would load us into the minivan and cart us to the local Goodwill. All four of us children were given a few dollars and turned loose. … [Read more...]

Halloween Family Fun

Halloween Family Fun Early morning wake-up calls. Packed lunches. Schedules. Homework. For moms this may mean the household is back to some semblance of normalcy, but for kids, it spells D O O M. However, even though school is back in session it doesn’t mean the fun has to stop. With Halloween right around the corner, why not engage your children in a fun afternoon craft project? Witch Bear is an easy way to not only bring out that (perhaps stifled) creative side of your child, but it’s … [Read more...]

DIY Fall Themed Pillow

DIY Fall Themed Pillow   The Fall season is around the corner and it is a good time to begin decorating the house with fall decorations. Autumn is known for the colorful leaves that fall to the ground creating beautiful patterns of color. The blog at Factory Direct Craft has many tutorials for creative projects and decorations and I check it often when looking for new craft ideas. While searching for some easy to make fall decorations, I found this tutorial which explains how to … [Read more...]

Handmade Father’s Day Card

Handmade Father’s Day Card - Guest Post by Katie Shuler   Handmade cards are such a special treat to receive. This card can really be as simple or as complicated as you would like it to be. It’s a flat card, that won’t open like a traditional card. Only the tie on this one opens. Materials needed: Cardstock, in assorted colors. Scissors Ruler Glue/Adhesive of choice Stickers, embellisments, etc. For this card, I choose a solid blue base as the “shirt.” You can … [Read more...]