Father’s Day Shadow Box

Father’s Day Craft Ideas - Guest Post   So Father’s days is approaching soon. Have you planned anything for your father? Have you thought how to surprise him or what gift to buy? Not yet. Well, if you still have not bought any gift, don’t buy anything. Yes, you have heard it right. Don’t buy anything for your father. Instead of buying something you can simply give him a handmade gift. Don’t you think your father will be pleased to get something that you have made with your … [Read more...]

Perfect Geek Gifts for Father’s Day

Perfect Geek Gifts for Father’s Day - Guest Post by Dunya Carter   Father’s day is coming near and we are all thinking of interesting gift ideas to surprise and put a smile on the faces of our loved ones. Crafts and bought gifts are great, but if you are a blogger or a geek you might want to go for a gift that is a bit on the geeky side. The great thing about these gifts is that they don’t cost a penny, but are far more likely to put a smile on your dad’s or hubby’s face. Here are … [Read more...]

DIY: Father’s Day Tissue Paper Poms

DIY: Father's Day Tissue Paper Poms - Guest Post By Sarah Beckman One of my favorite days of the summer has to be Father's Day. To me, Father's Day means spending time with my wonderful dad and family at a poolside cookout, complete with burgers and hotdogs, potato salad, and pie! This year I plan to make these darling tissue paper poms for our Dad's Day celebration, and I'm going to share how to make them with you. What you need: Red, white, and blue tissue paper (or your colors of … [Read more...]