Little Caesars DEEP!DEEP! Dish Pizza Giveaway – Ends 5/29

  Little Caesars will always have a special place in my heart! When I was a teenager, my sisters and I worked at a cafe. In the summer, we would work crazy long shifts, quite frequently 10 to 12 hours long. By the time we all got home from work we were famished, but too tired to cook. Our house happened to be where all of our friends came to hang out, so we would always send my good friend and now brother in law, Rob out to get Little Caesars pizza because it was (and still is) … [Read more...]

Coming Soon: Season 2 Of I’m Having their Baby Giveaway – Ends 6/10 #ImHavingTheirBaby

      Some of you may remember last year when I wrote a couple of posts about Oxygen's TV series I'm Having Their Baby. Well season two of the docu-series arrives on Wednesday, June 12 at 10 PM ET/PT! For those of you not familiar with the show, I'm Having Their Baby documents the emotional and extremely personal stories of women who go through an unplanned pregnancy and ultimately decide to give the baby up for adoption. Each hour long episode features a new … [Read more...]