Schwan’s Home Delivery Coupon Codes And Giveaway Ends 4/23

          Have you ever had the pleasure of ordering from Schwan's Home Delivery service? I'm sure you have seen there iconic yellow trucks in your neighborhood, I know I have! Anyway if you don't happen to know what Schwan's is, they are a Home Delivery service that brings you extremely tasty foods right to your door! Schwan’s Home Delivery offers 350 delicious, high quality foods that help make it simple to prepare delicious home-style meals … [Read more...]

Hood Sour Cream And My Families Favorite Comfort Food #Sponsored

I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Hood. I received product samples to facilitate my review and a promotional item as a thank you for participating.     It seems during the winter months here in Maine, my family tends to crave hearty, comfort foods. Whether it's a meatloaf, roast or a big pasta dish, there is nothing quite like the feeling of a nice homey meal. A lot of our favorite comfort foods feature the goodness that is Hood Sour … [Read more...]

SoupMan Now Says “Yes! Soup For You!” #SoupManFan #AD

This is a review in partnership with The Niche Parent Network & Conference. All opinions are my own.       Fans of the 90's TV show Seinfeld, will remember the SoupMan or SoupNazi as he was called in the episode. Unlike the SoupNazi , who would shout "No soup for you!" if you ticked him off in anyway, shape, or form, the SoupMan has made his soups available to the masses! And in celebration of National Soup Month, my family and I got to test seven of the … [Read more...]

Make Cookies With MIKE AND IKE® And HOT TAMALES® Valentine’s Day Varieties!

      Tired of giving the tired and cliched chocolate for Valentine's Day? Well go out and buy a few boxes of MIKE AND IKE® And HOT TAMALES® Valentine’s Day Varieties instead. Not only do they taste fantastic on their own, you can also bake with them! Who knew?   Share the passion of Valentine’s Day by surprising special loved ones in your life this Valentine’s Day with limited edition varieties from MIKE AND IKE® and HOT TAMALES® candy.  MIKE AND IKE®Passion … [Read more...]

Gorton’s Seafood Real Fabulous Sweeps And Giveaway – Ends 2/8

I received coupons and other items in exchange for this post. All opinions are 100% my own.     Wouldn't you love to have $1000 for a makeover? I know I would! Gorton's Seafood is having a "Real Fabulous" sweepstakes for a $1000 Makeover Grand Prize as well as other smaller weekly prizes! Head on over to their Facebook page to enter! Then come back and enter my own Gorton's Giveaway!   We are HUGE Gorton's Seafood fans in my house! We are always looking for new … [Read more...]

New England Baked Beans

    Having Baked Beans on a Saturday night in Maine is so common that you would be hard pressed to not find some sort of community bean supper in any town here. Baked Beans have been a popular dish since the early 1800's, probably due the easy to store and cheap ingredients! New England Baked Beans are made with molasses and salt pork, which is a super fatty section of the pig that is fairly inexpensive, but chock full of flavor. Some Mainers and Canadians use Maple Syrup in … [Read more...]

Lemon Sugar Donuts

    So this morning we woke up to more snow and -35 degree weather with the windchill. Now Maine in the winter does tend to be cold....but not Arctic cold! Of course on freezing mornings like this, you need a really warm and homey breakfast and what fits the bill better then homemade donuts! These Lemon Sugar Donuts go perfectly with a hot cup of coffee, tea or even cocoa and the hint of lemon is a gentle reminder that spring will be here before we know it. (At least I hope so … [Read more...]

Holiday Entertaining Made Easy With The NESCAFÉ Dolce Gusto #MC #Sponsored

I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for NESCAFÉ Dolce Gusto. I received product samples to facilitate my review as well as a thank me for my participation. Being sick during the holidays really stinks. I was unable to to do most of the traditional holiday prep like baking treats and making candy. Thankfully Mom Central sent me the  NESCAFÉ Dolce Gusto to review and instead of the traditional treats I usually made, we had some pretty amazing hot beverage … [Read more...]