Maine Blueberry Gingerbread #GRAINHoliday

I received samples to facilitate this post. All opinions are 100% my own. Food Glorious Food! Tis the season for some good eats and since everyone will be stuffing their faces, why don't you make some treats a little bit healthier by using whole wheat flour instead of white! That's the challenge I was given by taking part in the Hodgson Mill “Have a GRAIN Holiday” Baking Contest! Idecided to incorporate my home state into the contest by making Maine Blueberry Gingerbread! Hodgson Mill … [Read more...]

Mighty Leaf Tea Giveaway – Ends 12/19 #mightygift

I received samples to facilitate my post. All opinions are 100% my own.     I have a small confession to make.... sometimes I cheat on coffee and have a cup of tea. I know, I know, I profess my love for coffee almost on a daily basis, how could I right? Well sometimes if I'm feeling slightly under weather  or it's really cold outside, Tea just really hits the spot! Let me tell you there is nothing better then a cup of Mighty Leaf Tea Bombay Chai on a cold … [Read more...]

Ferrero Rocher ”25 Days Wrapped in Gold” Sweepstakes

This post was created in partnership with Ferrero Rocher as part of the 25 Days Wrapped in Gold campaign.   I love chocolate..who doesn't right? The folks at Ferrero Rocher make some of the most delicious chocolates out there and they are currently holding a luxurious  giveaway with some truly decadent prizes! Check it out:   Do you love chocolate, fabulous things, and being spoiled absolutely rotten? If the answer is no, please seek professional help. If … [Read more...]

New England Indian Pudding

  Historians trace Indian Pudding, this uniquely New England dessert as far back as the 17th century. Most likely it's a spin off of England's "Hasty Pudding" which uses wheat flour. While Indian Pudding uses " Indian Meal"  or what we call corn meal nowadays. Molasses was an inexpensive and abundant sweetener that was readily available for making Rum for Boston's booming trade business. Of course most families had a cow or two, so milk was always plentiful too! Since this pudding is … [Read more...]

Coffee-mate Natural Bliss Giveaway – Ends 12/8 #NaturalBliss

I received the same prize pack that the winner will be receiving in exchange for this post. prize packs are courtesy of  Coffee-mate Natural Bliss. Opinions are 100% my own.       My favorite simple moment is coffee with Natural Bliss and reading the Sunday paper in perfect silence. Quiet time is very hard to come by in my busy house of five. When I do seem to get some peace and quiet, there is nothing like savoring a hot cup of coffee with some Coffee-mate Natural … [Read more...]

Introducing Green Mountain Coffee Iced Latte #sponsored #GMIcedLatte

    Anyone who knows me, knows how much I love coffee. I have been drinking the stuff since I was a little kid. One of my senior quotes was even about coffee in High School! I prefer drinking it hot and black, but some times just to spice things up, I will have a Iced Latte or Cappuccino. Green Mountain Coffee (one of my favorite brands) just came out with two Iced Latte flavors, which I am dying to try! The authentic taste of a latte from the coffeehouse. Just shake, pour over … [Read more...]

Have A Spot Of English Tea For The Holidays

When I was a kid my parents were the chairman of their church fair. Every fall we would go to the church and make a whole bunch of goodies to sell like firestarters, candy, pies, you name it. The fair was always the first Saturday in December and I remember having such a great time helping out. I also remember the amazing smells. The candy table always smelled amazing and of course so did the handmade wreath table. The smell I remember the most though was the English Tea. Our church always … [Read more...]

Halloween Isn’t Complete Without RM Palmer Candy!

I received samples from RM Palmer in exchange for this post. All opinions are 100% my own.     My oldest son Ethan has the best birthday month ever! His birthday is just a little over a week before Halloween, so there are tons of parties, hay rides, haunted houses and of course Palmer candy to help us celebrate! This year for his birthday cake, Ethan wanted a chocolate cake with peanut butter frosting.  I had just received a huge package of chocolates from the R.M. … [Read more...]