Mother’s Day – Giveaway with Durex and Dr. Laura Berman

Celebrate Mother's day the way most of us got here in the first place! As a busy mom myself and spending most of my time on my children, I know that sometimes I just need to unwind and become the "UnMommy" for a while.Dr. Laura Berman’s Tips for Moms to “Get Their Groove Back” This Mother’s DayMother’s Day is Sunday, May 9 and while moms everywhere will love the freshflowers, the sweet sentiments on home-made cards and breakfast in bed fromthe kids – they will also appreciate being reminded of … [Read more...]

Sugar Free Ring Pops

I remember walking with my sisters to the neighborhood corner store to buy candy. We would raid our piggy banks, the top of the washing machine, mom's purse (sorry mom!) for as much change we could possibly find, just to get that huge sugar rush we loved so much. Ring pops were a particular favorite, cause hey we're girls and who wouldn't want a sweet piece of bling?Today, I would rather my children not have much sugar, so I severely limit their candy intake. I was fairly pleased to find out … [Read more...]

Educational Warehouse Giveaway

Most of us wouldn't be where we are today if it wasn't for the teachers who molded our young minds. I had many teachers that helped me on my childhood journey. I would like to thank Mrs. Callahan, Ms. Jalbert, Mr. Wallace, Ms. Anderson, Mr. Googins, for without you, I would not be who I am today.May is Teacher Appreciation Month and the Educational Warehouse is offering Teachers 15% off their purchase until May 31st by using the code TEACHAPP.Educational Warehouse has a large … [Read more...]

We have some lucky Winners!

The winner of the Little Tikes cozy coupe is comment #102:Nicole said... 102 I subscribe via emailpittsy82@hotmail.comThe Winner of Asher's Milk Chocolate Smothered Potato Chips is comment # 30:sphinx63 said... 30 I would love the 7.15 oz. Dark Chocolate Graham Crackers Coffee Bag. yum!sphinxcw at aol dot comCongratulations and thank you all for entering! … [Read more...]

Those Europeans sure know how to do laundry!

Let me begin by saying this: I loathe doing laundry. It really isn't my favorite chore, at all. Mostly because my washer and dryer are in the basement and I am Lazy... It would not be a normal week without my kids yelling at me at some point and time that they are out of underwear and socks.I am trying to get better about doing laundry. Luckily I was sent the Robby Wash system to help me out!The Robby wash ball is so easy to use, you just toss it in your machine and thats it! I have a HE … [Read more...]

Bert and Ernie’s Great Adventure – Review and Giveaway

I have loved Sesame Street ever since I was a kid. I have since passed that love to my children. Although my boys are getting a little too old, I still find them on occasion snuggling with Katie and watching the gang on Sesame Street. This year Sesame Street  introduced a brand new segment called Bert and Ernie's Great adventures. This is definitely a departure for Sesame Street as this feature uses claymation instead of puppets. Katie seems to love it, and I think it's quite funny … [Read more...]

Village Candle Lemon Poundcake Review and Giveaway

One of the perks to living in Brunswick, Maine is the fact that the Village Candle Factory store is just one town over in Topsham. In fact on breezy days you can smell the yummy scented candles they are making that day on the deck at my sister Karen's house.I love burning candles at home. Not only are they relaxing, but they make my house smell so darned good. I was excited to try out one of Village Candle's newest scents, Lemon Pound cake. This candle has hints of Vanilla … [Read more...]

Bryers Yo Crunch 100 calorie packs

I was recently sent a sample of Breyers Yo Crunch 100 calorie pack yogurt. I'm not a huge diet yogurt fan because I Hate the taste of artificial sweeteners. This one however, has Truvia, which comes from the Stevia plant. So I was hopeful.I received the strawberry sample,and I have to say it wasn't bad at all. The flavor was great and it didn't have that yucky aftertaste that other yogurts give me. My kids also loved it. I think they like mixing things in the yogurt as much as they like eating … [Read more...]