Back To School 2010 – Pentel

Pentel has been producing writing instruments for almost 50 years. They know their stuff!  Every Pentel automatic pencil, lead, eraser, nonrefillable roller ball pen, refillable ball point pen and correction fluid is manufactured by their own factories. Every student needs to begin school with a writing implement, so I have highlighted a few of my favorite Pentel products! The R.S.V.P RT Color retractable ball point pens are perfect for the Junior High and High School set. Their fun … [Read more...]

Back To School 2010 – Time Buddy

I know most parents would agree that after the long lazy summer it can be hard to get our kids back into the normal routine. I know in my house every little thing turns into a fight or hassle, from bed time to getting showered and dressed. As I have mentioned before, my son Ethan has PDD-NOS, which is on the Autism spectrum. Schedules are extremely important for keeping my son, (who hates change and has trouble with transitions) calm and in control of his day. Now the Time Buddy is really … [Read more...]

Back To School 2010 – Seventh Generation Back to School Prize Pack Giveaway ends 9/6

I really enjoy Seventh Generations products. I like how they don't smell like chemicals and instead smell like all natural herbs. I recently reviewed Seventh Generation products. You can read my thoughts here: Kids are going back to school, which means they are going to be exposed to all sorts of new things including germs. This school year, Seventh Generation is sharing tips from best-selling author and … [Read more...]

Back To School 2010 – Motorola Bluetooth headset, H17txt Review

Now this product is for all of the soccer moms, dads on the go...pretty much any busy parent.  Now traditionally we parents don't buy ourselves back to school items, however with the  kids horrendously busy schedules, we need something that will help us multitask a little better. The Motorola Bluetooth headset, H17txt reads your texts to you over Bluetooth and lets you customize automated responses.  Here are some additional features: Product Features Compatible with most … [Read more...]

Back To School 2010 – Colgate Kids

A less obvious item that should be in kids back packs this year are toothpaste and toothbrushes. Proper oral hygiene should not stop just because the kids are at school! Colgate has a large variety of oral care products that would delight any child. They have Dora the Explorer and  Spongebob toothbrushes and toothpaste in kid friendly flavors such as Bubble Fruit and Watermelon. For the older kids they have the Pop Stars toothpaste which has a Mild Mint flavor with Star Breath … [Read more...]

Back To School 2010 – TI-NSPIRE Giveaway Ends 9/1

Most kiddos starting in middle school now need a fancy graphing calculator for their math classes. These things are completely foreign to me because I stunk at math. In fact I failed math twice in high school and only got as high as Algebra. The TI - Nspire is a fantastic calculator that should  full fill your child's math needs. Here is some information about the Texas Instruments TI - Nspire: Includes a huge 20 MB of internal memory. "Multiple representations" offer 4 different views … [Read more...]

Back to School 2010 – Crocs Review and Giveaway – Ends 9/1

We love Crocs here at Musing Mainiac. Yes they may look kinda funky, but these happen to be some of the most comfortable shoes ever to grace our feet. I was extremely excited to learn that for the Back To School season Crocs had released a sneaker! Now how cool is that! They also have another  new shoe called the Crocband Gust Shoe, which they sent me a pair to review! These shoes are perfect for the playground. They have no air holes, so kids tootsies will stay dry. I got these … [Read more...]

Back To School 2010 – KleenSlate Review

KleenSlate is a cool new, interactive product for teachers to use to get kids to answer questions and to eliminate a lot of  paper waste. The idea is, the teacher asks the class a question, like what is 2 + 2?  The kids in the class will then write down the answer on the KleenSlate paddle and then raise the paddle in the air. The teacher can then quickly assess who has the right answer. The KleenSlates can then be quickly erased and then used over and over again! No more wasted paper! This … [Read more...]