Princess Katie and Racer Steve – Tiny Cool

I would have to say that I know that Princess Katie and Racer Steve's Tiny Cool  CD is a keeper. When I first put it on Katie's face lit right up and she immediately hopped off my lap and began shaking her groove thang!I have to say that unlike a lot of children's music this CD is actually fun to listen too and not at all annoying. Big plus in my book! My personal favorite song on Tiny Cool would have to be Tube Sox. The song is about the artists favorite things like … [Read more...]

I am in love with Enhance Me Portraits

I am beyond thrilled that I had a chance to work with Victoria Dixon from Enhance Me. She can transform a photograph into something really special and magical. I sent her a digital picture of Katie when she was an infant and she turned it into the most Gorgeous work of art. I can not wait to get the proof put on canvas and hang it up on my wall!I sent her this photo:She turned it into this:Absolutely Beautiful!Enhance Me portraits would be a perfect gift for  Mother's Day!Enhance Me has … [Read more...]

Tide Coldwater

In honor of Earth Month, Procter & Gamble will offer valuable brandSAVER coupons on Tide Coldwater® and PUR® redeemable at retailers nationwide, including Target stores. Tide Coldwater is one of three sponsors of special Earth Month reusable Target store shopping bags, made from 100% post-consumer recycled PET bottles. Target will distribute 1.5 million of these reusable shopping bags to customers later this month. Both Tide Coldwater and PUR are designed to save customers money and help the … [Read more...]

No more beige bandages!

Ouchies has just come out with a new line of bandages for the Toddler scene. Ouchies Jr comes in two varieties, Olivia for girls and Jon Scieszka's Trucktown for the boys.Each tin of 20 bandages has 5 different designs. I personally LOVE the Olivia ones. They have pictures of Olivia the pig on them with cute sayings like " I always feel Olivia-ish on them. The Trucktown ones are a favorite of Rowans, with pictures of Jack Truck and Payloader Pete.With two boys and a toddler in the house, I know … [Read more...]

Katie’s cloth diapers smell like Monkey Farts

So being fairly new at the whole cloth diapering thing, I got lots of advice on what kind of detergent to use. Unfortunately I think I chose the wrong advice!I had been using a well known commercial brands Free and Clear product. After a couple of months though I started noticing that the diapers were starting to look a little gray and dingy and a strange, almost fishy odor was present when they got wet. Then they started repelling, big time!Uh oh! This mommy then went into big time research … [Read more...]


There is a fantastic new line of toys for boys out right now called Zibits. Zibits are tiny little robots that are controlled by the touch of a button. These little robots are pretty small, they can fit in the palm of your hand. My boys received the Zibits: Urban Tech: Black & Gold. They began playing with it as soon as I put the batteries in it. It's very easy to operate as it only has one button, and you can make it go back and forth and spin 360 degrees. You do need to make sure that … [Read more...]

Boys and their toys

Mattel has just released a new line of WWE wrestling figures. These action figures are really life like and are bigger than your standard figurine.My boys are fans of wrestling , thanks to their Uncle Dave and cousins. Not huge fans, but they do like to wrestle and play with the figures. Ethan was super excited when we received theHeritage Series: Undertaker toy, I guess he's a favorite of his. Rowan, of course had to go find his wrestlers so they could have a smack down! These wrestlers … [Read more...]

Really cute Cheap cookie cutters!

My kids love to make sugar cookies! They love to cut the dough into cool shapes and then decorate them with frosting and sprinkles. I think they even like it better then playing with play doh, because in the end they get to eat their creations. We were extremely excited to review a set of cookie cutters from Cheap Cookies Cutters. They have some of the coolest cutters around, for just about every occasion. They have Greek letter cutters, Disney, automobile, Cartoon Characters, Numbers, … [Read more...]