Tween Birthday Bash 2010 – Z Wind Up Toys

Toys with batteries are the bane of most parents existence. The batteries in the toy usually die right at the most inopportune time, like when you're in the car, at a meeting or on a plane. Not to mention that toys seem to suck right through batteries so fast that we are all broke. That is why I make an effort to seek out toys that have no batteries at all. No fuss, no muss! Z  Wind up toys are awesome because you use your own fingers to power up these suckers. They are simple and old … [Read more...]

Tween Boy Birthday Bash – Swords Wii game Review

Ethan loves swords and sword fighting, so the new Wii game Swords is right up his alley! He can play by himself or with a friend (or his brother!). Ethan has had a blast battling against droids, pirates, vikings and other foes! Swords pits you against the best of the best from past, present, and future in the ultimate sword-fighting contest. This is what you've trained for, this is your destiny. Make your way from the dojo to the Final Showdown, and prove that you are the greatest swordsman … [Read more...]


Ethan is a HUGE reader! He will read for hours on end and will devour just about any book in any subject. I know I am lucky because a lot of kids hate to read, but I think most boys will love Your Life in Comics: 100 Things for Guys to Write and Draw  This book is basically a do it yourself comic book. Tweens can show off their creativity and let their imaginations soar! Here is a bit more information: What’s more fun for tween guys than reading comics? Making their own. Your Life … [Read more...]

Tween Boy Birthday Bash – HEXBUGS

Boys of all ages seem to like bugs. I however can't stand them! So I would rather have them play with a robotic bug, then the real deal! Hexbugs are super cool mini robotic bugs that kids just love! My kids have played with their Hexbug Nano's for hours on end and have had an amazing time building their bug's habitats! The Hexbug habitats are so easy to put together and there are no small parts! My boys have built many creative homes for their bugs! I love the fact that kids can … [Read more...]

Tween Boy Birthday Bash – The Children’s Place Review

Even Tween Boys want to look good sometimes, and with The Children's Place they can, and at affordable prices! Ethan looks great in this nice Blue Plaid print, button down shirt and Blue Jeans from The Children's Place. The clothing is true to size and fits him perfectly. The Children's Place has great clothing for children in sizes newborn through size 14. Right now they are having a 30% off sale on all outerwear! Check out the new holiday outfits for boys! This one is my personal … [Read more...]

CariFree’s Xyli-Tots Lollipops

I thought I would start off the TBBB (Tween Boy Birthday Bash) with a sweet treat that most kids love, but this time moms won't mind them having! CariFree's Xyli-Tots Lollipops are a super yummy treat that are sugar free and actually help fight cavities! These loli's are made with .5g of xylitol, which helps prevent tooth decay! Xyli-Tots come in the following flavors, Cherry Chuckles, Citrus Smiles, Grape Giggles, Lime Laughs, and Raspberry Riddles. I am saving the samples of these … [Read more...]

Tween Boy Birthday Bash

In honor of my oldest son Ethan turning 11 this month, Musing Mainiac is hosting a Tween Boy Birthday Bash! We will be featuring really cool gifts and treats that most Tween Boys will love! I hope you enjoy and keep these items in mind for your own tween boy! … [Read more...]