Coffee Pot vs. Keurig: The Battle Rages On

In recent years there has been an uprising in the debate over which is the better machine to help us greet the day. Originally, it was the Coffee Pot. Tried and true. Always there when we needed it with a fresh pot of Joe to crack open our tired eyes and send us on our way. Recently, a new challenger to the throne is the Keurig Coffee Maker. An interesting hybrid of the coffee pot meets single cup service, the Keurig indeed does things its predecessor cannot, but does that mean it is a better product? Let us dive in and see if either of the two reigns supreme.

First, as mentioned earlier, the coffee pot has been there for us for centuries. Whether it was cowboys brewing a pot over an open flame, or the latest high-tech coffee pots that start and stop on their own ensuring our coffee is ready when our feet hit the ground and then shuts itself off after we’ve walked out the door, the coffee pot has served us well. In addition, the coffee pot boasts a capacity the Keurig, to date, cannot. With most pots brewing between 12-14 8oz. cups of coffee, when a larger party has formed in the kitchen, empty coffee mugs in hand, there is no better satisfier than a steaming pot of wondrous java.

That being said, the Keurig does have the ability to please in ways the standard coffee pot cannot. For example with its ability to brew specific flavors and varieties of coffee for each guest, the Keurig can please all of the people, all of the time. Keurig has also partnered with many of the coffee houses throughout the globe to bring your favorite coffee house coffee right to your front door.

In addition if there are only a couple coffee drinkers in the house, brewing an entire pot of coffee turns out to be a waste of at least half a pot of coffee. Think of how long a pound of the coffee you normally drink would last if you could only brew it one cup at a time. With the Keurig, you have that option available to you every time you want a fresh cup of coffee.

Now for the downsides. As mentioned earlier, the coffee pot is great when there are larger groups of people desiring a hot cup of coffee. Because the coffee pot can only brew one variety for the entire pot, the only options available to its drinkers is the addition of creamers and sugars. On the flip side, whereas the Keurig can bring each individual coffee connoisseur the specific variety of coffee they desire, only being able to brew a cup of coffee at a time is not very efficient insuring each person has their coffee at the same time.

In the end, is which of the two is better truly depends on the needs of those using it. For those who typically have on cup of coffee in the morning and then move on to other beverages, the Keurig may be a better buy. For those who drink multiple cups of coffee or live in a home with multiple coffee drinkers, the coffee pot might be the way to go. Each is great in its own right, so it is up to you to decide which one is best for you.

I should mention that we’ve left out Tassimo, which is also a popular choice.  The advantage of Tassimo is that it also brews cappuccino, latte, and chai tea.  You can read up on this option further at .

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  1. We have t Tassimo and a full coffee pot system, and have this discussion all the time.

    Summary we have come to — and we go back and forth — Tassimo is more fun due to flavour choices, and better for 1 or 2 of us. When have guests we use the pot, as all get coffee at the same time, and is more eco friendly as not throwing out the little packs for each cup.

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