Educational Toys for Pre-Schoolers

Adults love to lament that kids get the coolest toys – but, let’s face it, it’s true! Pre-schoolers, in particular, do well in the toy department. They’re old enough to appreciate the toy’s they’re playing with, and they don’t have to go to school so they get plenty of time to enjoy them! If you choose the right garden toys for children of preschool age, then they’ll get to have fun and learn at the same time.

Educational garden toys for children

The pre-school age range is a fairly broad one, and covers a large period of kid’s development. Once a child reaches 12 months, they’re ready to start learning about the world around them. Kids of that age aren’t ready to be playing in a paddling pool or a sand box, but they are ready to play on play mats, and perhaps sorting items into buckets, or rolling chunky cars around.

By two year’s old they’re ready to be a little more adventurous, walking, climbing, and running are all on the agenda. It’s at this stage that garden toys for children start to come into their own. Your little toddler can learn a lot about the world, and improve their co-ordination whilst playing outside.

Good toys for two year olds include pop-up tents, playhouses (and play-mazes), big toy cars, and toy castles. If they can climb on it, sit in it, or pretend to ride it, then they’ll really enjoy it.

Slightly older kids will enjoy playing with tricycles, scooters, and hula hoops. Even better, if you look for adjustable versions of these with a neutral paint job, then they may well grow with the child, and appeal to them when they reach infant school age too. Active toys are always good, and hopefully will be the start of an outdoors loving habit that will follow them into their school years, the teenage years and beyond.

Choosing garden toys for children in the early years can be a challenge, as the age markings on the toys aren’t always perfect. Children mature at different rates, and it could be that your child is maturing faster than the average, or that they’re doing well in some areas, and not as well in others. You know your child best, and as such you should buy the things that you know will work for them.

If you’re buying for someone else’s child, then you may find that vouchers, or accessories for a toy they already have, make a better choice than buying a toy outright. You may feel that handing over an envelope of vouchers isn’t as awesome as buying a big gift, but it will be appreciated. It’s hard to pick toys for a young child – you never know what they’re interested in, or what stage of development they’re at. So, why not let the person who knows the child best do the choosing – that way you can be sure they’ll have a smile on their face!

This article was written by Amy Fowler on behalf of The Original Factory Shop. Amy has young siblings and enjoys thinking up ways to get them to play and learn.


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