Hide-And-Sign! – Teaching signing for babies Montessori style

Who says flashcards have to sit in a pile? Your kids will have fun challenging and teaching their siblings sign language for babies with this game combination of hide-and-seek and flash card trivia!


Grade/Ages: This game is best organized by an older sibling with the players being younger siblings who are learning and practicing baby sign language. 


Objective: This twist on hide-and-seek will allow siblings to bond while teaching one another baby sign language. They’ll learn to see the signing opportunities all around them and associate real world elements, objects and locations with signs. 



Flashcards for baby sign language– the more you print the longer and more challenging the game! Print both common ones you may use all the time and maybe some you have never signed before.



1. Set the boundaries – Are you playing in the backyard, house, one specific room?


2. The leader/organizer of the game (also known as the hider and preferably the older sibling), will go throughout the play area labeling objects with the flashcards. Flashcards should lay face down and be visible (or partly visible to increase the challenge of the hunt). For example, if you intend to label a toy lion you can place the flashcard face down sticking out from under the toy’s paw. TIP:The other player(s), known as seekers, should not peek!


3. Once all flashcards are hidden, seekers (usually the younger siblings) should start scouring the house looking for the flashcards. Maybe there is one on mommy, the fish tank, in the bath tub… there are tons of signs to choose from!


4. When a card is spotted, don’t pick it up. Look to the hider and sign what you think the card is… multiple tries are okay. A “blanket” may also be labeled “blue” or it could be sitting on the “bed” so a number of tries may be needed.


5. If the seeker signs correctly, then the card can be turned over and added to the collection in his or her hand.


6. Winning – The fun is in the game and depending on age and signing level siblings can even take turns hiding and seeking. But if there must be a winner and the game is being played by multiple seekers, then the one who finds and signs the most flashcards wins! TIP: When there are more than two seekers it helps to also have multiple hiders or keep the playing area confined to one room. This way the players can seek and sign simultaneously without contending for the hider’s attention.


This article was provided by Mey Lau Marketing Director for www.babysignlanguage.com


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  1. Awesome idea and game! Love it!

  2. What a great game to play. I taught my little ones simple signs so that they could let me know what they needed.

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