How To Shop For Children’s Glasses

As a mother of two, choices for my children have never come easily. Even the simple ones that seem like they will require no thought at all become a source for stress and anxiety. This was no less true when it came to selecting eyeglasses for my child. In the spirit of helping to make the decision just a little easier, below is a list of considerations I had to take into account with my own child.




Let’s face it. Children live and play rough. Glasses designed not to bend a little won’t last long. My suggestion is that you look into a pair with flexible joints and bridge. Paying a little extra for scratch resistant lenses is always a wise investment.


The Fashion Factor


Children dread standing out among their friends. Glasses have often been a source of anxiety for kids, so you want them to be as inconspicuous as possible. Large plastic frames are never a crowd favorite and draw unwanted attention. Fortunately, you see these less and less. I would definitely recommend wire frames, though some of the metal frames have some cool designs that impress even the harshest critics.




This speaks for itself. Your child’s glasses will break, so ensuring the proper warranty is essential when considering a pair for you child.


Look for the Deals


Buy one get one free is a great way to maximize your budget. Take advantage of the sales that offer two or more pairs. It is always nice to have a backup set. Chances are you will need them.  Be sure to check out deals online as well.  You might be surprised to know that you can by multiple pairs online for the same price as one pair of glasses in stores.


The Growth Factor


Few things will grow as rapidly as your child. Any parent who has children is constantly looking at piles of outgrown clothes. Glasses are no different, but flexible frames or easily adjustable ones can provide for maximum time and use.


Include Your Child


Including your child in the choice is the best way to ensure they will enjoy their glasses and ascribe a sense of pride. Any wardrobe selection goes over better if their input has been considered. As parents, however, you are the rationalizing force in the selection and ensure that they don’t go over the top, especially the younger ones who are more drawn to design rather than opinion.


While the considerations can go on, the above were some of the pressing concerns I encountered. If cost is the overwhelming consideration, a little known secret is that you can always buy a cheaper frame somewhere else and have the lenses designed to fit. Insurances usually cover the cost of the lenses wholly, and it is often the frames that will end up costing you. Best of luck in your search!

Guest author Sara Roberts writes for Just Eyewear, an online retailer of prescription eyeglasses and sunglasses.


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  1. Bridget says:

    My family will be vacationing in Hilton Head for a week this summer and I have been searching the stores for sunglasses for children in preparation. I eventually just ordered kids sunglasses online. It was fun though to include my 5 yr old son in the decision, he loved picking out different colors and that sort of thing. Thanks for your post and for highlight bonding opportunities even in everyday tasks like eyeglasses shopping!

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