Are you Making a Dog’s Dinner of Your Pooch’s Diet?

Are you Making a Dog’s Dinner of Your Pooch’s Diet?


The health and wellbeing of our faithful friends is really important to us dog owners. We want to ensure that we are feeding them the right things so that they remain fit and strong. But is some pet food more nutritionally valuable than others, and are some feeding habits actually harmful? Read on to find out if your dog’s dinner is as beneficial as it should be.


Portion Size


Just like their owners, dogs can become overweight if they regularly consume more calories than they burn off. Check the portion sizes on the food you use and stick to them. As all dogs are different, consult your vet if you are unsure how much your dog should be eating every day. Regular exercise is also a hugely important factor in avoiding obesity.


A Balanced Diet


It is also crucial for an owner to consider whether their dog has a balanced diet. Just like us, dogs need different food groups with a combination of nutritional value to stay fit and strong. Making sure there are enough meats, grains and vegetables in the pet food you’re buying is crucial for feeding all types of animals, not just dogs.


However, as dogs are predominantly carnivores, many vets advocate a meat-based diet with grains and vegetables as secondary ingredients: up to ¾ of your dog’s food can be protein. You also need to make sure your dog is getting enough calcium and this can be done by simply giving them raw bones for gnawing, although calcium supplements are available; again, consult the vet to find out what’s best for your dog.


Warning Signs


One of the most sensible ways to determine whether your dog is getting a balanced diet that works for them is to look out for any warning signs that suggest otherwise. Flaky or oily skin, obesity and a range of other health issues may be caused by poor diet or overeating.


Always consult your vet before making decisions about why a health problem has arisen. By seeking advice from professionals and choosing a pet food based on its genuine nutritional value we can ensure that our doggy chums live the healthy, happy lives that they deserve.


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  1. The diet we feed our dogs is very important, and unfortunately, a lot of today’s big brands are not the best things to feed them! Just as a first simple step, people could find a dog food that lists some kind of meat as it’s first ingredient. It may be more expensive than what you’re used to, but hey, isn’t your best buddy worth it?

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