Missed The Boat On An Entertainment Classic? Now’s The Time To Catch Up



Let a friend show you something you may have missed


How many times have you been heard people talk about something amazing they have seen, and you were utterly nonplussed? Some new show on the TV, or a book that they’ve been hearing all over the place. And you, for your part, don’t know what they are talking about. Many of us now are becoming familiar with the experience of feeling our finger is not quite as on the pulse anymore. And it can be sobering.


Cultural references get dropped into conversation all the time. Maybe not quite as regularly as they get dropped into TV shows like Family Guy, but often enough. And sometimes, they even get dropped into serious political discussion. It can be enough to make you feel like you’ve missed the bus quite badly. So sometimes it’s worth pushing yourself to see something you wouldn’t usually see. If only so that those references start to make sense.


Something Modern: The TV Shows That Grab Everyone … But You


Even if you usually keep up with TV trends, there is no doubt one show that you’ve heard a lot of people talk about and not seen. Especially if you are on Twitter, where pop-culture references are dropped every millisecond.


Instead of letting those references fly over your head, it may be worth watching the show. How many of us didn’t watch Breaking Bad for years, then eventually caved and couldn’t stop talking about it? It can pay to be an early adopter.


Something Classic: The Hollywood Hits You Never Got Around To


If you’ve watched much TV at all, you’ll have seen references to Hollywood musicals aplenty. Family Guy alone has had references to Singin’ In The Rain, Brigadoon, and several to The Sound Of Music. Yet a great many of us have never seen the originals.


Here’s a tip: although some of them are from more than seventy years ago, they’re still worth checking out. Maybe not so much with Brigadoon, but a lot of the others are amazing.


Something Different: Stage Shows You Didn’t “Get”


Every once in a while, despite our screen-dominated entertainment sector, a big stage show makes headway. You can wait for them to be turned into a film, like Mamma Mia. Or you can go and see them, and support an industry that needs some help. Go to see a show like Wicked, or pick up some Cirque du Soleil tickets – it’s well worth the change of scene. And you’ll have an advantage over people who’ve never been when it comes to office chat.


It’s nice to break from the herd every once in a while and fine to let some stuff pass you by. We can’t absorb all the music, TV and stage shows out there – there’s nothing like enough time. But it can be worth taking some time out to try something you’ve never seen, once in a while. You never know where it might take you, in terms of widening your cultural horizons. And you’re less likely to find yourself bored with nothing to do, too.



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