A Song That Describes Me – 30 Day Song Challenge Day 15

I think most people can relate to the song "Raise Your Glass" by Pink!   [yframe url='http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XjVNlG5cZyQ']     … [Continue]

The Top 10 Summer Craft Activities for Kids – Guest Post By Nicole Rodgers


The Top 10 Summer Craft Activities for Kids Summer is coming and that means that you will be left trying to figure out how to keep those little hands busy for a few months. … [Continue]

Miranda Cosgrove High Maintenance CD Giveaway – Ends 5/30


  You may know Miranda Cosgrove from her role as Summer Hathaway from the movie School of Rock, or the voice of Margo in Despicable Me, or the star of  the popular hit show … [Continue]

Beanfields Chips


  I am always looking for new and exciting snack foods that are healthy for my family to eat. My kiddos love chips, but they really are not that healthy. So when I heard … [Continue]

A Song That No One Would Expect Me To Love – 30 Day Song Challenge Day 14

This one is tough because I like all kinds of music, so I'm not sure what people would be surprised at. I guess it may be surprising to others that I like Chicago and Neil Diamond, … [Continue]

Tasty Summer Yogurt Treats – Guest post By Wendy Bailey


Tasty Summer Yogurt Treats - Guest post By  Wendy Bailey Yogurt is the under-appreciated super food. One small cup holds the power to transform your overall health, but we … [Continue]

A Song That Is A Guilty Pleasure – 30 Day Song Challenge Day 13

For some reason I absolutely love the Thong Song by Sisqo. Total Guilty Pleasure, right there!   [yframe url='http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Oai1V7kaFBk'] … [Continue]

A Song From A Band I Hate – 30 Day Song Challenge Day 12

Today's topic is A song from a band I hate. Well when the band Nickelback first came out, I thought that they were ok. However as months passed by and they released more songs it … [Continue]