Happy Easter!



I could totally use a massage!


Once again Living Social has a fantastic deal for us Mainers!  Today's deal is an Hour-Long Massage and Reflexology Treatment with Aromatherapy ($49) or Spa Package with … [Continue]

Cute Kid Hats From Beanie Designs


Living in Maine means that a lot of the time it's kind of chilly outside. I am always looking for cute hats to keep my kiddos heads warm. I was super excited when Beanie Designs … [Continue]

Look At That Sweet Face – Wordless Wednesday



Purple Fluffy Bunny Pillow Pet Giveaway – Ends 4/19


Pillow Pets are so darned cute! They are also ridiculously soft too! We love them so much, we have collected 5 different ones, including the Purple Fluffy Bunny which is only … [Continue]

Unleashing The Inner Two Year Old


The Proverbial Poo is about to hit the fan here in Maine. Now I don't normally get into politics here on my blog, because well frankly it usually ends up getting nasty and people … [Continue]

Timmy Time – Timmy Steals The Show Giveaway – Ends 4/17

timmy steals

[yframe url='http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mdNF_r-Z8ag'] Timmy Time is another one of those shows that Katie and the boys will watch for hours! The stories are simple and easy … [Continue]

A Weekend Of Golden Age Charm


Anybody need a mini vacation?  Here is a great deal from Living Social! Long before a night at the movies meant swimming pool-sized buckets of popcorn and admission prices … [Continue]