Curious George 2: Follow That Monkey

Om March 2nd, Curious George 2 is being released! Now in My house we all love Curious George, because my son Rowan, looks and acts just like him!Do you see what I mean?Anyway, we … [Continue]

Camera Critters – Chandler and the Lobster

Chandler, Lobster. Lobster, Chandler. … [Continue]

Snorg Tees

My husband loves to wear shirts with funny sayings or pictures. I was looking around on the web and stumbled upon Snorg Tees. After giggling for a few minutes at all the hilarious … [Continue]

Pampered Chef

I just had a fantastic Pampered Chef party at my home last night. My friend Erin is a new consultant and I thought I would help her out by having a party. What a fun night!Some of … [Continue]

Small Talk Six: Who’s coming to dinner?

Today's topic is “6 famous people you would love to have dinner with.” 1: Tori Amos I would love to talk about the meaning and back story of most of her songs.2: Ann Curry I think … [Continue]

The Boys Store

Most of you moms of boys out there know that it's hard to find nice clothes for boys. Sure it's easy when they're babies, but once they hit 4 or 5 it's over.  The Boys … [Continue]

Wordless Wednesday – My sweet baby Gnome!


The best thing for snotty, runny noses!

My poor baby girl just got over a nasty virus. It was a doozy. She had a bad cough, rattly chest and a nose full of nasty boogies. She was down right miserable. Thankfully I had a … [Continue]