Relax, It’s Summer! 7 Ideas For Girls Night Out

Relax, It’s Summer! 7 Ideas For Girls Night Out 





After a long day of running around the house looking after the kids, finishing up the chores, and taking care of your husband or partner once they arrive home, you rarely have enough time for yourself. Sure, you can go out for a little pampering—you can get a massage, manicure and pedicure and a maybe a haircut, but when was the last time you went out with your own friends without your boisterous little ones following you around?


And when that precious time to go out with your girl friends is granted (the in-laws are willing to take care of the kids over the weekend? Yay!), have you ever thought of fun activities aside from the ones you normally do? Have you ever tried doing anything else aside from spa and yoga and manicure and pedicure?


If you would like to deviate from normal things that you do with your girl friends, here’s a list of the things that you can do on a rare night out with them.





  • Wine and Dine. 



Best to do during Fridays or Saturdays when the kids and everyone is ready to unwind for the weekend. Ask one of your friends to bring crackers, cheese, or nuts. And while the kids are not around, why don’t you try vaping? It contains lesser chemicals and is not that harmful to the environment. You can choose from an RDA Vape (Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer Vape), where you just vape, drip and vape some more or an RBA Vape (Rebuildable Atomizer Vape) where you can build and customize your own tank.



  • Camping, Bonfire and S’mores. 



Order up the ingredients for your s’mores, bring your cooler, and maybe a ukulele and go build a bonfire near a quiet lake or a river. Play the songs during your high school days while you talk about your high school crushes and where they are now. Reminisce about your Senior Prom and your high school graduation. It is always fun to look back at the things you did back then and laugh about them with your favorite girls. It is also a nice way to look at the stars and be at one with the nature.



  • Binge Watching Your Favorite Series. 



Friends? Seinfeld? Days of our Lives? Buffy the Vampire Slayer? Or are you an Alias fan? Go pop that popcorn and some sodas and be prepared for hours and hours of your favorite TV characters fall in love, get mad, cry and/or die. Have fun guessing the next line of the scene or recite a very long monologue you have memorized by heart (because it broke your heart 10 years ago!) Rachel and Ross’s airport scene will always be one of your favorite scenes in the history of television.



  1. Road Trip!


Let your hair down and wear your comfy jeans and flats as you go on a road trip with your girl friends. Try to be as random as you can. Go to the beach and waddle by the shore. Enjoy the wind and the sun. Just remember not to go too far because they are waiting for you to come back home and will bug you about how your day went and if you missed their hugs, their kisses and their playful smiles. Do not forget sunnies and your sun blocks!




  • Food Trip! 



What is a road trip without a food trip? As you choose your destination, never forget to drop by a restaurant you haven’t tried before. Try exotic dishes or a specialty that you have yet to hear or taste. Or you can simply settle with an old-fashioned corn dog or waffle, as long as you get to share it with your friends as you talk about your day and how hard but fulfilling it is to be a mommy and a wife at the same time. Let the catsup and mayo drip and be a little messy. Drink your soda and burp like nobody’s watching.




  • Sing Your Heart Out in a Karaoke. 



Choose your favorite song from your favorite diva. Celine Dion? Whitney Houston? Mariah Carey? Barbra Streisand? Yes to all of them. Sing to your heart’s content, choose the songs that remind you of your childhood, you puppy love, your first heartbreak and the song your husband dedicated for you. Sing the song on your wedding day and sing the song that reminds you of him. Dance to the beat of your generation, the popular RnBs and the songs of your favorite boy bands who played recently got together for a reunion concert. Enjoy these precious hours of non-stop singing because once you got back home, you’re back to ABC’s, nursery rhymes and songs with repetitive lyrics that you barely understand.




  • Connect with Old Friends. 



They were the cast members you considered to have a recurring role in your life. You met them during a random night out with your best girl friends over cosmos and lipsticks. They made you laugh and shared random conversations with them. You have exchanged phone numbers and connected with them for a few times but for some unknown reasons, the communication just stopped. Why don’t you invite over and try to reconnect with them? Ask them what’s up and if they would like to meet with you again, this time, over fruit juices and crackers instead of the drinks you shared a few years ago. They probably have a family of their own now, too, so meeting up with them is not entirely a bad idea.



These are some of the things that you can definitely do during a day out without dealing with diapers, baby foods, uniforms and baseball. You can also share the DIYs that you all do at home, the arts and crafts for the kids and share recipes that you cook everyday. Have tried doing one of the ideas on our list? Do you have other ideas that you think are deserving to appear on the list? If you think we may have missed something, please do comment below.


Images by jill111 and shelley_shang under Public Domain CC0


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Beth Larrabee is a stay at home mom of 3 wonderful children and is married to her wonderful husband Scot. Beth is an active member in her community and is currently the Vice President of the PTO, President of The Friends of Cumston Library, and proud leader of a Daisy and Brownie Girl Scout Troops. In her spare time, Beth enjoys musical theater, singing, gaming, books, spending time at the lake and all things food.

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  1. Amy Orvin says:

    It’s been ages since I had a girl’s night. I love these tips and will promise to make time to do some of these fun things.

  2. Karen Glatt

    These are really great ideas for Girls Night out! I am going to try the Food Trip one. It sounds like a lot of fun!

  3. I’ve always wanted to take a road trip with my friends but never have before! Sounds like a good time!

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