Britax Car Seats On Sale At Amazon!

Amazon has Britax car seats on sale. These car seats get fantastic reviews. The Britax Advocate 65 CS Click and Safe Convertible Car Seat, Onyx shown above is currently 30% off! Check out Amazon for other Britax Car Seat Deals. … [Read more...]

The best thing for snotty, runny noses!

My poor baby girl just got over a nasty virus. It was a doozy. She had a bad cough, rattly chest and a nose full of nasty boogies. She was down right miserable. Thankfully I had a wonderful supply of Boogie Wipes. These things are FANTASTIC!!!I really wish Boogie Wipes had been around when I was a kid. I remember I hated having a cold, because my nose would get so raw. It would turn red and crack around the nostrils. Ethan and Rowan also hated tissues and would squirm and fight me just to get … [Read more...]

Small Talk Six Pink

Today's topic is "6 of your favorite things that are pink".1: Pink- Did you see her beautiful performance at the Grammy Awards? Simply breathtaking!2: Tori Amos's album Under The Pink  Yes, I know it's not really pink... Really good cd just the same.3: Katie's crib bedding. Which my hubby picked out. Didn't he do a great … [Read more...]

My kids love to read!

Candlewick Press have put out some really good books lately. I was fortunate to have 3 titles sent to me recently. One for each of my little ankle biters!For Ethan, as an inquisitive and eager learner, he received  Mythology by Lady Hestia Evans. Mythology is part of the Ologies series. This book is a fascinating and interactive read about Greek Myths. It is beautifully illustrated and highly informative. Here is the synopsis:"In the early nineteenth century, an English nobleman embarked on … [Read more...]

Katie had some issues…

My boys were so easy to wean off the bottle. As soon as they were a year old it was bye bye bottle, hello sippy cup. Katie on the other hand is such a princess. She never held her own bottle and we couldn't wean her till she was about 16 months. Finding a sippy that she deemed worthy was a pain!It seamed just as she was getting used to one kind, she would then reject it and refuse to drink. Which left me to be concerned that she wasn't getting enough liquid and then I would resort to the bottle … [Read more...]

Katie has a new friend!

The wonderful people over at Leap Frog, sent Katie 2 fantastic toys. Her favorite by far is the My Pal Violet.This toy is way beyond cute. Not your ordinary stuffed animal, the My Pal Violet is an interactive masterpiece. I plugged the puppy into my computer via USB, where I can then customized it to learn Katie's name, favorite color, animal, and food. You can also choose which songs it plays. Katie just lights up when it sings a song all about her favorite things, … [Read more...]

100% of your daily vitamin C in one delicious bottle!

 I think I may have found my new drink of choice, besides coffee of course! I have never tasted Hibiscus before, so I was kind of nervous when the bottles of Ooba soda arrived to review on my doorstep. I made my hubby be the guinea pig and had him try the Ooba Lime flavor. He didn't fall over or make "ick" face, so I popped a bottle of the Ooba orange open and had my first sip.It was so yummy. A little tart and not too sweet. Ooba definitely has a unique flavor. It wasn't florally either as … [Read more...]

Lunches just got a little greener…

My husband Scot takes a lunch with him to work. Trying to be a little bit greener this year, I found him a reusable lunch bag. But since he is a grown man, and he doesn't appreciate the plastic crayon box sandwich container that my kids use, I needed to find something for him to put his sandwichs in. Enter the Fresh Snack Pack...The Fresh Snack pack is a reusable packet that you can put you sandwich or just about anything else in, instead of using those disposable baggies. It even comes with a … [Read more...]