Send Your Kiddo To Preschool with a PetSac Pet, A Backpack And A Friend All In One!

            Where were all these cute products when my daughter was in preschool? Katie would have been over the moon with the new PetSac backpacks! These adorable bags are a cuddly stuffed animal and backpack all in one. How cute!       Tucked inside this cute little puppy is a good size backpack ( a full size 14”), which can be accessed by unzipping the back of the stuffy with the zipper located in it's tail. I … [Read more...]

Say No To Back To School Germs With GermBloc

          It never seems to fail, every September, my kids go back to school, and every September they come home with multitudes of paperwork and nasty colds. Now the paperwork I can't really do anything about, the colds, however can be prevented, since I will be packing GermBloc in their school bags!   GermBloc is an Alcohol Free hand sanitizer lotion that kills 99.99% of germs and yet won't dry or crack delicate skin. Normal hand … [Read more...]

Send Your Kiddo Back To School With A Lunch Bag From Dabbawalla!

            Chances are if you send your child to school with a run of the mill lunchbox that looks just like everyone else's, you will not get back the one you sent in. Dabbawalla makes really cute lunch bags that are sure to stand out and won't look like everyone else's! The Cold Feet Penguin lunch bag, shown above, is one of 18 different designs that Dabbawalla makes. Dabbawalla also makes many backpacks (some even match the lunch bags), … [Read more...]

Get Your Fuel For Back To School With Slammers – Giveaway Ends 8/31

          It's nearly time for my kids to go back to school after a long couple months of summer. It's time to start getting up earlier, and time for weekend soccer games. It's time to start thinking about healthy foods to put in lunch boxes and for afternoon snacks. I'm a particular fan of Slammers, by Go Gourmet. Slammers are a perfectly portable fruit smoothie, that's perfect for on the go!       Slammers  Protein + … [Read more...]

Netflix Can Help Show Your Kids How To Treat Others With Kindness And Respect #StreamTeam

    It is back to school time! Woo Hoo...sniff sniff. What a bag of mixed emotions right? I have one kiddo starting his freshman year in high school (how did that happen?), one starting the 7th grade and my baby is repeating kindergarten. Yup....three kids, three different schools. Hold me!   I am always terrified that my kiddos are going to get picked on or bullied. Ethan, my oldest is on the Autism spectrum with PDD-NOS as his diagnoses. He is very socially awkward … [Read more...]

Dress Your Children on a Budget

    Now that school’s back in session, only one thing is on the minds of most parents—back-to-school shopping. Although school supplies are typically at the top of most of our back-to-school shopping lists, clothing for your older ones can be just as important. While the price tags on some children’s attire is enough to raise eyebrows, there are plenty of stylish and affordable kids’ items you can purchase that can be passed down to younger siblings. From unique fabrics to … [Read more...]

Crazy 8 $12.99 & Under Sale!‏

The Crazy 8 $12.99 & Under Sale is in full swing and everything on the site is $12.99 & under! Now is the time to stock up on fall must-haves! The $12.99 & Under Crazy 8 Sale is in full swing and features everything on the site! Don't miss your chance to stock up on adorable outfits for the children in your life. This offer is only valid for a limited time and while supplies last, so be sure to check out Crazy 8 today! Happy Shopping! … [Read more...]

Crazy 8 Weekend Sale: Prices as low as $2.79!‏

Take advantage of Crazy 8's huge weekend sale! Now through Sunday, everything in the store is 30% off, with prices starting at just $2.79! Check out the latest styles for girls and boys, with sweaters, tees, jeans, shorts and more, all at a super low prices. Be sure to shop this amazing sale while supplies last!   … [Read more...]