Holiday Shopping At Museum Tour Giveaway – Ends 12/3

I received a product sample in order to facilitate this review. All opinions are 100% my own.       The holidays are once again upon us. The hustle and bustle of shopping for presents has commenced at last and the search for the perfect gift is a quest we all find ourselves on. I personally love buying gifts that have some educational value in them but are still fun.  I have found that Museum  Tour offers some of the best learning toys and gifts around! ABOUT … [Read more...]

The Best Selling Toys Ever

Some toys come and go out of fashion, whereas others are enduring favourites which sell thousands every year for decades. Designers who strike it lucky and come up with an idea which captures the public imagination can easily make their fortune, given the constant demand for toys from both parents and kids. Star Wars License: Creative Commons Link: One of the biggest film franchises ever is Star Wars, and recent news that … [Read more...]

Energizer Light Up A Life Champions for Kids Campaign – The Kit #CBias #EnergizerCFK

  A week or so ago I told you about the Energizer Light Up A Life Champions for Kids Campaign and how I was participating. If you didn't read that post, the reason that I wanted to partake was because in 1998, Maine had an extremely dangerous ice storm that left more than half the state without power for over 2 weeks. I don't think I could bear my kids or any other child being in that same situation, being cold and scared for that long. Our mission was to create an emergency kit … [Read more...]

How to Sneak Vegetables into a Young Child’s Diet

Before you sigh in frustration; no this is not yet another article which suggests that a child will chow down on carrots and broccoli with no reservation simply because these vegetable have been arranged into a smiley face on their dinner plate! Parents know that the inclusion of vegetables at all during a young child’s meal time can be a recipe for a howling and leg-kicking disaster and so sneaking the goodness of legumes into a child’s diet without detection is an advised practise. As the … [Read more...]

Are You And Your Kids Prepared For A Winter Emergency? #EnergizerCFK #CBias

  Living in Maine can be a challenge, especially in the winter months. Our winters can be brutal. Back in 1998 we had a freak ice storm which left everything in a thick coating of ice which caused tree limbs to snap and break taking power lines down with them. [yframe url=''] The devastation was widespread. Nearly half of Maine's population were without power, some for nearly 2 weeks and some even longer than that. All 16 counties were … [Read more...]

Educational Toys for Pre-Schoolers

Adults love to lament that kids get the coolest toys - but, let's face it, it's true! Pre-schoolers, in particular, do well in the toy department. They're old enough to appreciate the toy's they're playing with, and they don't have to go to school so they get plenty of time to enjoy them! If you choose the right garden toys for children of preschool age, then they'll get to have fun and learn at the same time. Educational garden toys for children The pre-school age range is a fairly broad … [Read more...]

How to Deal with Developing Personalities

We are surrounded by many different personalities that we must have private as well as public relationships with everyday. Obviously, we cannot connect with all people on all levels enabling us to walk through life without any friction at all. There is always going to be a challenge when dealing with diverse behaviors. We have learned to find our way in being constructive, patient and progressive when it comes to interpersonal communication and rely on these skills to maintain copacetic … [Read more...]

Ethan and his gross fingernails…

My son Ethan, has the nastiest fingernails. I swear they grow an inch a night! He hates having them cut, and it is a weekly struggle. Because he hates having them cut, and they grow so fast, you can imagine the crud that accumulates under his nails. Usually by the time I notice them they are so caked with dirt or whatever that it's hard to tell where to cut.We have tried getting him to clean his nails on a nightly basis with virtually no luck until the Wett Giggles arrived on my doorstep. Wett … [Read more...]