Perfection in a Dish — How to Cook Meals Flawlessly

Trying to juggle a hectic lifestyle; being a good employee, supportive spouse and perfect parent is never going to be easy, but turning out excellent meals on top of all that? It’s tricky, but with a little thought, preparation and — most important of all — practice, your kitchen skills will transform in no time at all. The taste is in the timingCooking the perfect dish is all about timing, and making the most of the time that you have. For a busy parent who does not have all day to spend in the … [Read more...]

Chopped: why I missed out on a foodie’s career

Food is the new pop-music, as anyone who regularly watches network television will tell you. Even the popularity of FoodNetwork and Cooking Channel has now been surpassed by food competition shows on a dozen other channels. It is no longer just about learning to roast a chicken or boil an egg; now it's about the prestige of beating off all comers and impressing judges Iron Chef style to become the top of the class in grilling, cupcake baking, or whatever discipline they come up with next. So … [Read more...]

Cooking with Leftovers: Budget-Saving Tips

Leftover food is an interesting challenge for many home cooks. Families often do not enjoy repeating the same meal several days in the week. Throwing uneaten food away is a waste of money and perfectly good food, so a conflict between savings and culinary excitement ensues. The fantastic news is that leftovers do not have to mirror their original plating. Creating new dishes out of the remainder of a prepared meal can turn repetition into scrumptious savings. Bring On Breakfast It is … [Read more...]