How to Sneak Vegetables into a Young Child’s Diet

Before you sigh in frustration; no this is not yet another article which suggests that a child will chow down on carrots and broccoli with no reservation simply because these vegetable have been arranged into a smiley face on their dinner plate! Parents know that the inclusion of vegetables at all during a young child’s meal time can be a recipe for a howling and leg-kicking disaster and so sneaking the goodness of legumes into a child’s diet without detection is an advised practise. As the … [Read more...]

Slim Fast’s New 3-2-1 Plan Plus A Sephora Giveaway

  I know, I know....The holidays are upon us, who wants to think about dieting while there are all these goodies just lying around waiting to go into my belly. Right??? Well just think about how much easier our New Years resolutions will be to stick with if we are already a month into the dieting process and we have been responsible with our holiday snacking! Slim Fast has made dieting easier and a lot less time consuming with their new 3-2-1 plan. Basically the plan is … [Read more...]

Meal Plan Monday – Back on the diet we go!

Well here we go again. My husband and I need to lose weight, in a bad way. We are going to start with eating less and then add in some exercise. Right now I am way short on time and energy, so filling in that exercise thing will be difficult. I don't believe that cutting out the foods we love is the answer, so we are just going to consume less. We will have a calorie "bank" if you will, and we will "withdraw" calories throughout the day, making sure we don't overdraw. Anyway here is the menu for … [Read more...]