CapriClear Coconut Oil Spray – For Dry, Itchy, Sensitive Skin

      My father, sister, son and myself all suffer from various degrees of Eczema. My dad has a really bad case and it affects him year round with severe itchy skin patches, especially on his knees and elbows. The rest of us get it sporadically. My son used to get it really bad on his cheeks, my sister on her eye lids (ouch!), and I would get it on my legs and arms. We would all pretty much suffer through it, using various creams and lotions with only minimal relief. … [Read more...]

Neosporin Essentials – Ease Eczema Discomfort

My father had horrible Eczema when he was a young boy. So much so that he had to take tar baths. Yes, Tar baths....I can't imagine. All I can think of is that nasty hot tar smell...Yuck! Well thanks to my father he has passed the Eczema gene on to his children and grandchildren. My sisters and my cases are relatively mild. I get some dry itchy patches during the winter and my sister Karen gets it on her hands and once her on her eye lids...gross!   My children have it too. When … [Read more...]