3 Great Crafts And Hobbies For Fall

Before winter rears its head, we’re stuck in the season of no fun. Okay, there’s fun for kids with Halloween rapidly approaching. But what about for us moms and dads? When the rain starts to fall in Autumn, we’re often stuck inside trying to find things to do to. At this point I often turn to crafts and look to hone my skills in new and exciting activities. If I’m feeling motherly I might try and teach my kid about crafts that I’m already good at. If not I’ll retreat to a quiet room and test my … [Read more...]

DIY Fall Themed Pillow

DIY Fall Themed Pillow   The Fall season is around the corner and it is a good time to begin decorating the house with fall decorations. Autumn is known for the colorful leaves that fall to the ground creating beautiful patterns of color. The blog at Factory Direct Craft has many tutorials for creative projects and decorations and I check it often when looking for new craft ideas. While searching for some easy to make fall decorations, I found this tutorial which explains how to … [Read more...]