BJ’s Top 10 Toys This Holiday Season

      For some reason, I never think of going to BJ's when I'm doing my holiday shopping. That changed this year when I was sent on a mission to scout out BJ's Top 10 Toys. I made the mistake of going late morning on Black Friday and there were only a handful of the toys on the shelves. These toys are going to be super popular this season, so run over to your nearest BJ's and get one or two of these fabulous play things at fantastic prices! Here are BJ's Top 10 Toys … [Read more...]

My Top 10 Favorite Disney Movies #DisneySide @Disney

I love Disney movies. I grew up watching them and so have my kiddos. Always family friendly, Disney movies provide the perfect opportunity for quality family time! Here is my list (in no particular order) of my favorite Disney films. How does it stack up with yours?   Swiss Family Robinson:  My sisters and I would watch this over and over again. We still find our selves quoting this movie quite frequently!    Mary Poppins: I love the music and the just the overall fun … [Read more...]