Not so guilty pleasure

I know I'm guilty of munching on my kiddos snacks every now and then. Now I won't feel so guilty, because I have started to buy them sugar free Popsicle and Low fat Fudgsicle treats from the Healthy Bunch Line.  With only 60 calories per pop for the Fudgsicles and 15 calories in the sugar free Popsicles, I am happy to have these in the house! "According to a recent survey* commissioned by Popsicle®, nearly 80% of moms admit to breaking into their children’s arsenal of snacks and desserts. … [Read more...]

Adventure of Meno

I was recently introduced to the Adventures of Meno books. At first I wasn't sure what to think. The language used is kind of quirky, to say the least. However, the first time I read them to my children I realized that these books are perfect for them. The illustrations are retro and funky, very eye catching and colorful. The story itself is a very amusing tale of an out of this world Elf, Meno and his friends Yamagoo and Wishi. My sons especially get a kick out of Meno when he wants to … [Read more...]

If I am going cloth, I might as well go all the way!

I recently decided to switch to cloth diapers for two reasons. 1. To help the environment and 2. To save money. It was going really well until one day I was thinking that it really didn't make sense for me to still be using disposable wipes with my cloth diapers. I figured I wasn't the only one who saw the logic in this, so on my trusty computer I went.In my search I found Bummas. Cloth wipes that can be washed with your cloth diapers! Woo Hoo! All you need to do is reuse a wipe tub, add a … [Read more...]

I Heart Chocolate!!! Review and giveaway!

I recently received Chocolate A Love story by Max Brenner from Hachette Book Group to review. I was pretty excited because as a female I have an extreme love of the goodness that is Chocolate! The cookbook has a slightly 70's retro look to it, but the recipes inside are fantastically timeless. Due to a crazy couple of weeks I have been unable to make any of the delicious treats inside the book, but I plan to as soon as possible! One of the recipes that I am dying to try is the Lipstick banana … [Read more...]