I Can’t Wait To See The Movie Home With My Kiddos! – Giveaway Ends 8/10 #HomeInsiders

            I am so excited! HOME is coming to DVD and Blu-Ray on July 28th! We missed HOME when it was in the theaters and have been anxiously waiting it's  DVD release! If by chance you don't know what HOME is about then read the brief synopsis below:         Synopsis GET THE PARTY STARTED AND GROOVE LIKE THE BOOV WHEN THE SUMMER MOVIE ADVENTURE- DREAMWORKS ANIMATION'S HOME- ARRIVES ON DIGITAL HD … [Read more...]

DreamWorks HOME Giveaway – Ends 4/6 #DreamWorksHOME

          I am so excited to go see DreamWorks HOME when it comes out in theaters on March 27th. I think I will be taking my daughters Girl Scout troop, so that should be fun! I am a huge Jim Parsons fan and he star in this movie as the loveable and funny Alien known as "Oh". If you haven't seen the ads for this film than I have included the synopsis and trailer below:   About the film When Oh, a lovable misfit from another planet, … [Read more...]

We Can’t Wait To See Home – In Theaters March 27 #DreamWorksHOME

          It is highly unusual for my husband and I to both want to see an animated film, but we both want to see Home! We are huge Big Bang Theory fans and Home stars Jim Parsons, who plays the quirky Sheldon on BBT. Seeing the numerous ads for Home leaves us both chuckling, so I see a date night in our future!       If you haven't seen the commercial for Home, then your in luck, I have a clip for your viewing pleasure! … [Read more...]

Netflix Raises Prices and Ticks Off Customers

When Netflix made the decision to split up the DVD movies by mail and the online streaming service, it also decided to hike up the cost of their service overall.  And if you were a Netflix customer only getting 1 DVD at a time your cost would go up $5.  It seems like a small difference, but when you are only paying $10 it’s a 50% increase.  The video rental company knew that it would lose some customers over the decision but thought they would make up for it from the extra revenues brought in my … [Read more...]

The Fine Art of Locker Decoration

It may not be the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel or the halls of the Smithsonian, but a locker is no less valuable as a blank canvas for self-expression.  Our high school years are some of the most formative as we truly begin to understand who we are as individuals and seek creative and unique ways to express the complex feelings we discover within ourselves.  We may feel lost and confused as we seek do dig our way through a morass of bad influences, media-overstimulation and a world that grows … [Read more...]