Spiced Apple Pie Bars Made With Hood Sour Cream #ad #FastFamilyMeals

        As most of you know by now, I have been a Hood Sour Cream ambassador for the last few months. I've shared my own recipe for Beef Stroganoff Pizza, using Hood Sour Cream as a key ingredient, and I've shared lots of information about the fantastic #FastFamilyMeals contest that Hood and radio station Country 102.5 are having. In fact you still have time to enter if you haven't already! Here is some information about the contest:   From now until … [Read more...]

MilkWise – Coming Soon To New England Grocery Stores #MilkWise

            I was recently asked to attend a virtual taste testing of a new milk product called MilkWise, through a Google hangout. Even though I was a hangout newbie, I was super excited to hear about and try this new milk that boasts lower calories and more calcium! (Did you know that most women don't get enough calcium?) Joining the hangout was easy and Lynne Bohan, spokesperson for MilkWise kept the conversation flowing  and was very … [Read more...]