Meal Plan Monday – September already?

So the weather is getting a little cooler, which means I actually want to cook. My menu choices get a little more creative and a little heavier. After 3 months of BBQ and salads, I am ready for the change! Monday: Southwest Soup and Rolls. This is a yummy soup made with tomatoes and lots of zucchini! Tuesday: Homemade Southern Fried Chicken, Corn on the Cob, fresh from my Friend Kate's garden and mashed potatoes. Wednesday: Asian Tuna Patties and a Garden … [Read more...]

Meal Plan Monday – It’s getting hot in here…

It is supposed to be hotter than Hades here in Maine this week. I'm talking 90's and humid so I am making salads for most of our dinners. Most of the recipes that I will be using this week come from the cookbook Simply Salads by Jennifer Chandler. A review of the book will be up in the future! Monday: Italian Chef Salad with Italian Vinaigrette with fresh herbs Tuesday: Taco Salad Wednesday: Mandarin Chicken Salad with Toasted Sesame Vinaigrette Thursday: Sausage and Spinach … [Read more...]

Meal Plan Monday – I need some vegetarian recipes!

I just watched the documentary Food Inc. and I am seriously considering drastically changing the way my family eats. I would love any recipes for vegetarian dishes if you would like to share them! Unfortunately we had already gone grocery shopping before I saw the film so the diet will have to change next week. I am also going away this weekend so Friday and Saturdays meals had to be babysitter and tired Daddy friendly. Here is this weeks menu: Monday: Sub sandwiches, veggies and dipTuesday: … [Read more...]

Meal Plan Monday – I love spring!

I love the spring! I think it comes out in the food we like to prepare as well. Gone are the heavy, hibernation mode foods and in with the healthy and light salads and grilled foods!Monday: Herb Pork Roast with creamy Mushroom gravy, steamed cauliflower and a garden salad.Tuesday: Portabello wrap with white bean chili spread and baby carrots.Wednesday: BBQ Chicken breasts and Summer Spelt Medley...if I can find the Spelt. Any suggestions?Thursday: Ravioli, garlic bread and a garden salad.Friday: … [Read more...]

Meal Plan Monday – Seriously Good Eats!

Hoping for some decent weather so the hubster doesn't have to grill in the cold!Monday: Taco SaladTuesday: Porter house steaks, steamed broccoli and garlic breadWednesday: French Dip sandwiches, chips and baby carrotsThursday: Ham steak, mashed potato and a lettuce wedgeFriday: Out of town for the nightSaturday: Slow cooker Pernil pork, brown rice, cornSunday: Feta chicken salad in a pita pocket, cucumbers … [Read more...]

Meal Plan Monday – Yummy!

My entire family has been sick, and after what seems like a crazy couple of weeks, I am hoping to get back on the blogging ball again, starting with my menu plan. I will stick with it this week!! I swear!Monday: French Beef Stew and a Garden Salad.Tuesday: Chicken A La King over Egg Noodles, Baby Carrots and Hummus.Wednesday: Spaghetti and Meatballs, Garlic Bread and Salad.Thursday: Slow Cooked Country Ribs and Gravy, Baked Beans and Coleslaw.Friday: Cod Au Gratin, Carrot Raisin … [Read more...]

Meal Plan Monday – Back on the diet we go!

Well here we go again. My husband and I need to lose weight, in a bad way. We are going to start with eating less and then add in some exercise. Right now I am way short on time and energy, so filling in that exercise thing will be difficult. I don't believe that cutting out the foods we love is the answer, so we are just going to consume less. We will have a calorie "bank" if you will, and we will "withdraw" calories throughout the day, making sure we don't overdraw. Anyway here is the menu for … [Read more...]

Meal Plan Monday Hopefully this week will be better!

I never realized how hard sticking to my meal plan was going to be when I have had a sick household. Let's just say last week was a complete bust once again! Come hell or high water, I will stick to it this week!Monday: Refried Bean Chili and corn muffinsTuesday: Burgers with Bacon Bits and Blue Cheese with Blue Mashed PotatoesWednesday: Bruschetta Chicken Bake with Raw VeggiesThursday: Pesto Tortellini with a green saladFriday: African Sweet Potato and Peanut Soup with RollsSaturday: Gouda and … [Read more...]