Entenmann’s® Donuts & Milk: Perfect Together Sweeps and Giveaway #ad

  School is now officially in session here in Maine! I have a love/hate relationship to this time of year. Yes, my kids are now out of the house and it's quiet again, however, this is the time when things get hectic and schedules get crazy. It seems like we are always on the go! I find it important to have good snack options around for those busy days...and yes, sometimes that snack just might be an Entenmann's donut every now and then. Yummy!   Right now Entenmann's has … [Read more...]

MilkWise – Coming Soon To New England Grocery Stores #MilkWise

            I was recently asked to attend a virtual taste testing of a new milk product called MilkWise, through a Google hangout. Even though I was a hangout newbie, I was super excited to hear about and try this new milk that boasts lower calories and more calcium! (Did you know that most women don't get enough calcium?) Joining the hangout was easy and Lynne Bohan, spokesperson for MilkWise kept the conversation flowing  and was very … [Read more...]

Dairy Pure And Their New Worry-Free Flip Cap – Giveaway Ends 5/31

  There are a few things I buy at the grocery store every week. Usually eggs, bread, yogurt, cheese and of course milk. Milk is pretty expensive here in Maine, so I don't want any of it spilled, dumped out, or wasted in any way. Dairy Pure, from Garelick  Farms now has a flip cap on it which means my kids can't misplace it any longer!   There is nothing worse then going for a fresh glass of ice cold milk and finding that the milk has soaked up all the flavors in the fridge … [Read more...]