How To Make Monster Cupcakes

My oldest so Ethan was born towards the end of October and we have had quite a few Halloween themed parties for him. One year we made these super easy Monster Cupcakes! All you need is: A bunch of cupcakes Green and Orange frosting Big and mini Marshmallows Black decorators gel Green gumdrops Brown M&Ms Mini Chocolate chips Candy corn   To make the Green Monster Cupcakes seen above all you have to do is cover your cupcake in green frosting, lay a big … [Read more...]

A Birthday Celebration – 31 Day Photo Challenge Day 8

  Today's topic is A Birthday Celebration: Out of all my kids birthday's, I have more fun planning Ethan's. He was born in late October so I can tie it in wth my favorite holiday, Halloween! It's still warm enough so that we can have games and what not outside and the fun food opportunities are endless! Here is a sampling of some of Ethan's past Birthday parties! … [Read more...]

Small Talk Six: Will you just let me do it, Please?

Today’s topic is “6 things you would rather do yourself, even if you could pay someone else to do them.” 1: Raise my children. I am a stay at home mom. I did not have children just so I could pay someone else to care for them. Although some days I would give anything to switch places with you working moms out there. But then I realize that sometimes working with (or for) other grownups is just like working with a bunch of overgrown children, who are not nearly as cute as the ones I gave … [Read more...]