New England Baked Beans

    Having Baked Beans on a Saturday night in Maine is so common that you would be hard pressed to not find some sort of community bean supper in any town here. Baked Beans have been a popular dish since the early 1800's, probably due the easy to store and cheap ingredients! New England Baked Beans are made with molasses and salt pork, which is a super fatty section of the pig that is fairly inexpensive, but chock full of flavor. Some Mainers and Canadians use Maple Syrup in … [Read more...]

New England Indian Pudding

  Historians trace Indian Pudding, this uniquely New England dessert as far back as the 17th century. Most likely it's a spin off of England's "Hasty Pudding" which uses wheat flour. While Indian Pudding uses " Indian Meal"  or what we call corn meal nowadays. Molasses was an inexpensive and abundant sweetener that was readily available for making Rum for Boston's booming trade business. Of course most families had a cow or two, so milk was always plentiful too! Since this pudding is … [Read more...]