Happy 120th Anniversary To Cracker Jack Snacks! Giveaway Ends 7/15

            When I think of summer a few things come to mind, BBQ's, swimming in the lake, great music, the Red Sox and of course Cracker Jack snacks! The Cracker Jack brand is the quintessential summer time snack with it's sweet, caramel corn and crunchy peanuts, what could be better?  I remember walking to the local corner market with my sisters in the summer and spending all our money on candy and Cracker Jack snacks. We used to love to find out … [Read more...]

Fun Popcorn Creations

Fun Popcorn Creations While you might think of popcorn as a movie theater snack, there are lots of fun alternative ways to use the popular food. Popcorn is popular among kids and adults of all ages because it is cheap, easy and convenient. Some types of popcorn are even fairly healthy and are a great choice for people on restrictive diets. For more adventurous fans, popcorn can be flavored with nearly anything. Traditional popcorn and flavored popcorn can also be used in creative arts, crafts … [Read more...]