Netflix Stream Team: Focus On Families #StreamTeam

              This months Netflix Stream Team topic is families. I have what you call a typical family, mom, dad, and three kids. We live in a duplex, with my mom living in the other half of the house in a typical small town in the USA. I love watching movies and tv shows about all kinds of families, whether it be single parent households, like in Gilmore Girls, foster families, like in The Fosters or multigenerational families, like in … [Read more...]

Raising Hope Season One Now On DVD!

  I LOVE the show Raising Hope. It always makes me laugh...and boy do I need a good laugh! Cloris Leachman who plays Maw Maw completely steals the show and she is a riot on each and every episode she is on. I have also been a huge Martha Plimpton fan ever since she was in Goonies!   Here is some additional information about the show:   Life at the Chance’s will never be the same when Jimmy comes home with an unexpected gift. Follow one ill-equipped family as they … [Read more...]