Country Crock Holiday Giveaway – Ends 12/22 #HolidayVeggieDish

  I am very lucky because everyone in my family loves vegetables. In the summer, sometimes all we eat are salads for dinner and lots of fresh corn on the cob. In the winter, we enjoy more seasonable veggies, such as turnip and sweet potatoes. My favorite way to eat most winter veggies is with a bit of Country Crock and some salt and pepper. Country Crock recently sent me a fantastic package filled to the brim with some awesome tools to prepare winter veggies including a veggie … [Read more...]

Fun Popcorn Creations

Fun Popcorn Creations While you might think of popcorn as a movie theater snack, there are lots of fun alternative ways to use the popular food. Popcorn is popular among kids and adults of all ages because it is cheap, easy and convenient. Some types of popcorn are even fairly healthy and are a great choice for people on restrictive diets. For more adventurous fans, popcorn can be flavored with nearly anything. Traditional popcorn and flavored popcorn can also be used in creative arts, crafts … [Read more...]

Starbucks Has Ice Cream? Who Knew?

  Did you know that Starbucks had Ice cream?  Well I did, but I had never tried it until I was offered a chance to by Mom Central. I decided to make a couple of the fun recipes I found on the Starbucks Ice Cream website. My usual way to eat Ice Cream is of course right out of the pint size container, but that would not a pretty picture (or blog post) make! It was really hard choosing which flavors to choose from, they all sound so good. In the end I chose Vanilla Bean Frappucinno … [Read more...]