The Fine Art of Locker Decoration

It may not be the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel or the halls of the Smithsonian, but a locker is no less valuable as a blank canvas for self-expression.  Our high school years are some of the most formative as we truly begin to understand who we are as individuals and seek creative and unique ways to express the complex feelings we discover within ourselves.  We may feel lost and confused as we seek do dig our way through a morass of bad influences, media-overstimulation and a world that grows … [Read more...]

Successful Transition from Summer to School

Sunny summer days provide relaxation, which makes the thought of a new school year a bit overwhelming. Use these strategies with your children to provide them with a smooth transition as the summer ends and the school year begins. A School Fieldtrip Set aside time with your child to visit the school before the first day of school. This can be helpful for kids who have moved to a new community or are beginning kindergarten, junior high or high school. Identify important landmarks, such as the … [Read more...]