Going Retro With Netflix – Giveaway Ends 5/13 #StreamTeam

      I wish we had Netflix when I was a kid. We had to watch all our shows in real time with commercials and wait a week in between episodes. Our kids these days wouldn't be able to stand it! Plus if we wanted a movie, we had to traipse to the video store to see if they even had it... and 9 times out of 10 the video was so old and used that the picture or sound was horrible. Don't even mention the fact that we had to spend copious amounts of time rewinding the … [Read more...]

Sunday Stealing – 20 Questions

    Come join in on this fun Sunday Stealing  meme. Link up here!   First Job: Babysitting First Real Job: Dishwasher at The Freeport Cafe First Volunteer Job: The Rec Center Summer Playground First Car: I don't drive. First Record: Sesame Street Fever!  First Sport Played: Soccer First Concert: Air Supply  First Country Visited: Canada for about 10 seconds First Kiss: Some guy I was in a play with. First Speech: Not sure. First … [Read more...]

Sesame Street eBooks Review

With airlines getting stricter about everything, including how much your luggage weighs, it can be hard to pack everything  your child likes for vacations or trips.  I know if I was to fly in the near future one of the first things to be left home would be Katie's books. They add lots of bulk and added poundage to our already heavy bags. It stinks though because Katie loves being read too. Thankfully there is Sesame Street eBooks, an online subscription based site, where you have access to … [Read more...]

Sesame Street – Old School 3 CD set

Two things we love in my household are music and Sesame Street. I was excited to review the Sesame Street Old School CD set because it has many of the songs I grew up listening too, such as People in your neighborhood, "C" is for cookie, and Sing.I love the fact that the Cd's feature the original cast like, Jim Henson, Frank Oz, Caroll Spinney and Will Lee who played Mr. Hooper.Here is some additional information about Sesame Street Old School:Just in time for the 40th Anniversary, comes Sesame … [Read more...]

Great News for Elmo fans!

On May 4th, Sesame Workshop and Warner Homer Entertainment released The Best of Elmo 2.In The Best of Elmo 2 everyone’s favorite red monster has many great stories to share. Join Elmo in this 45-minute DVD for a fun filled look back at some of the most popular Sesame Street segments ever. During one of the more memorable segments, Elmo meets a robot on Sesame Street who is losing his power. To help his new friend “Memorybot” regain his powers, Elmo gladly shares memories of his special times … [Read more...]

Bert and Ernie’s Great Adventure – Review and Giveaway

I have loved Sesame Street ever since I was a kid. I have since passed that love to my children. Although my boys are getting a little too old, I still find them on occasion snuggling with Katie and watching the gang on Sesame Street. This year Sesame Street  introduced a brand new segment called Bert and Ernie's Great adventures. This is definitely a departure for Sesame Street as this feature uses claymation instead of puppets. Katie seems to love it, and I think it's quite funny … [Read more...]

My kids love to read!

Candlewick Press have put out some really good books lately. I was fortunate to have 3 titles sent to me recently. One for each of my little ankle biters!For Ethan, as an inquisitive and eager learner, he received  Mythology by Lady Hestia Evans. Mythology is part of the Ologies series. This book is a fascinating and interactive read about Greek Myths. It is beautifully illustrated and highly informative. Here is the synopsis:"In the early nineteenth century, an English nobleman embarked on … [Read more...]