Happy 60th Anniversary, VO5! Giveaway Ends 7/10 #VO5is60

            Happy 60th Anniversary to Alberto VO5! I grew up using VO5 products, we always had the shampoos and conditioners in our showers! In my teen years the VO5 Hot Oil Treatment was a staple in my beauty regimen! I loved that stuff! 60 years.... to stay on the market this long, is a testament to the product itself. I absolutely adore the many different scents of the hair products and I recently got to try the¬†Herbal Escapes Kiwi Lime … [Read more...]

Lice Logic

There comes a time in every moms life that they absolutely dread. That phone call, or note from the school nurse informing you of the latest lice outbreak. I have been lucky because my children's school has so far, been louse free.I do, however remember vividly as a child having the creepy crawlers. I remember the itching and scratching, the misery of having the tiny blood suckers. I also remember the horrible smell that came from the lice shampoo, and how it burned terribly. Fortunately there … [Read more...]