The Best Selling Toys Ever

Some toys come and go out of fashion, whereas others are enduring favourites which sell thousands every year for decades. Designers who strike it lucky and come up with an idea which captures the public imagination can easily make their fortune, given the constant demand for toys from both parents and kids. Star Wars License:¬†Creative Commons Link: One of the biggest film franchises ever is Star Wars, and recent news that … [Read more...]

5 of the Most Bizarre Footwear Fashions You’ll Ever See

With springtime here and summer just around the corner, we're starting to see all kinds of strange and different footwear fashions hitting the streets, from sandals and flats to gladiator laces and cute sneakers. The general styles of these shoes, though, we've all seen - flats, heels, small embellishments, laces, etc. So what would you do if you saw one of these 5 footwear fashions out walking around your block? I'm going to go ahead and guess you'd stop and gawk - because these are 5 … [Read more...]