BJ’s Top 10 Toys This Holiday Season

      For some reason, I never think of going to BJ's when I'm doing my holiday shopping. That changed this year when I was sent on a mission to scout out BJ's Top 10 Toys. I made the mistake of going late morning on Black Friday and there were only a handful of the toys on the shelves. These toys are going to be super popular this season, so run over to your nearest BJ's and get one or two of these fabulous play things at fantastic prices! Here are BJ's Top 10 Toys … [Read more...]

Getting My Geek On With ThinkGeek

  My family and I are a bunch of geeks. We love all things Star Wars, Star Trek, Lord Of The Rings and Stargate. My kids play Minecraft and on Friday nights we play Magic The Gathering with our geeky friends! My hubby is a bit more geeky then I, he was really into D&D when he was younger, while I have only played a game or two. Even our taste in music is a bit geeky, with They Might Be Giants being a particular favorite! Of course being the geeks that we are, we have a habit of … [Read more...]

The Economics Of Star Wars – An Infographic

via … [Read more...]

The History Of Star Wars

  In 1973, a young and still unknown script writer, whose filmography so far only included one film -‘American Graffiti’-, sold his idea for a story set in a far away galaxy and featuring robots, spaceships and the never-ending battle between good and evil for $65,000. The contract of the then 29 year old George Lucas, with the production company 20th Century Fox, was meant to include a term by which Lucas was going to receive a further $100,000 to direct the film, that was to be called … [Read more...]