Help Your Daughter Learn With STEAM Based Build & Imagine Construction Sets

          Experts know that their are key educational subjects that make for a well educated student. These subjects used to be called STEM, for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. We now realize that we all learn better if you add Art to that acronym, now known as STEAM. Whether it's fine art, music, or drama, these subjects spark the creative juices in everyone and make learning a bit more interesting and fun! Build & Imagine StoryWalls … [Read more...]

Add Some STEAM To Your Child’s Summer With Fibre-Craft’s Creative Hands® Kits – Giveaway Ends 7/27

            If you have school age kids by now you have probably heard the acronym STEM, which stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. More and more schools are focusing on STEM based teaching, even Girl Scouts is starting to as well. However parents, teachers and policy makers are realizing it actually takes STEAM to make the world a better place. The A in STEAM of course stands for Arts. Fibre-Craft’s Creative Hands® Kits are … [Read more...]