Country Crock Holiday Giveaway – Ends 12/22 #HolidayVeggieDish

  I am very lucky because everyone in my family loves vegetables. In the summer, sometimes all we eat are salads for dinner and lots of fresh corn on the cob. In the winter, we enjoy more seasonable veggies, such as turnip and sweet potatoes. My favorite way to eat most winter veggies is with a bit of Country Crock and some salt and pepper. Country Crock recently sent me a fantastic package filled to the brim with some awesome tools to prepare winter veggies including a veggie … [Read more...]

How to Sneak Vegetables into a Young Child’s Diet

Before you sigh in frustration; no this is not yet another article which suggests that a child will chow down on carrots and broccoli with no reservation simply because these vegetable have been arranged into a smiley face on their dinner plate! Parents know that the inclusion of vegetables at all during a young child’s meal time can be a recipe for a howling and leg-kicking disaster and so sneaking the goodness of legumes into a child’s diet without detection is an advised practise. As the … [Read more...]