Thanksgiving Dessert Crafts for Kids

Thanksgiving usually involves crafts and dessert, especially when kids are going to be gathered around your table. But what about combining these two Thanksgiving traditions to create beautiful crafts that you can have for dessert? These suggestions can help you get started.

Edible Pilgrim Hats

Inspire your Thanksgiving guests with a tribute to those who survived to celebrate that first Thanksgiving. Both cute and edible, pilgrim hats have become a chocolate and marshmallow tradition that is undeniably delicious. Simply take frosted striped shortbread cookies and turn them chocolate-side up on a cookie sheet. Dip large marshmallows into a bowl of melted chocolate chips and center one vertically on top of the hole of each cookie – you now have the pilgrim hat and brim. Refrigerate to harden and then decorate with colored frosting to provide the yellow buckle on the front of each hat.

Another variation of a pilgrim hat involves traditional ice cream cones that have been turned upside down. Frost the outside of each one with dark frosting (chocolate is fine). Underneath the “lip” of the cone, make a buckle out of yellow fruit leather and stick it firmly onto the chocolate. Fill the space underneath the hat with additional Thanksgiving treats or messages of thanks to your guests!

Teepees or Turkeys

If you have frosting and fruit leather, this edible craft might be worth a try. Instead of traditional ice cream cones, these turkey or teepee crafts require the straight sugar cone. Basic sugar cones don’t have to be just for ice cream – with a little imagination and some frosting, they can be turned into either teepees or turkeys! Set a sugar cone upside down on a plate, then frost with chocolate or vanilla frosting as desired (in our house, we use chocolate to make turkeys and vanilla to make teepees). Cut strips of red licorice and varieties of stiff fruit leather into pieces in order to make designs on a teepee or the face, feet and feathers of a turkey.

Create Your Own Gobbler

One of the easiest edible crafts is ideal for Thanksgiving guests who are individual in their style and dessert preferences. Whip up a variety of cupcakes in decorated paper holders and store them securely until after Thanksgiving dinner is finished. Provide a wide range of frosting colors and toppings for guests to create their own turkeys on the surface of their cupcakes. Have a contest for the most creative turkey made with the provided materials, then peel and enjoy!

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