The Best Selling Toys Ever

Some toys come and go out of fashion, whereas others are enduring favourites which sell thousands every year for decades. Designers who strike it lucky and come up with an idea which captures the public imagination can easily make their fortune, given the constant demand for toys from both parents and kids.

Star Wars


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One of the biggest film franchises ever is Star Wars, and recent news that LucasFilm has been acquired by Disney means that a whole new generation will be following the adventures of Luke, Leia and Han Solo. Ranges of figures were released to coincide with the first three movies, and have been a permanent fixture in the shops ever since. An estimated 300 million and counting Star Wars figures have been sold worldwide and some of the rarest can sell for thousands of pounds.



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The Barbie Vs Sindy war was one that most women will remember from their childhoods, and the victor was most definitely Barbie. The Barbie company is worth $1.5 billion dollars, and one Barbie is sold every second of every day of the year. Larger figures like the Kidz n Cats doll are also popular, but Barbie’s popularity is down to the fact she comes with such a huge range of clothing and accessories.



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If you remember the days when computer games came on cartridges or cassette tapes, chances are you had a GameBoy. It was the first of the new breed of hand held games consoles and was launched by Nintendo in 1991 in a huge flurry of publicity. The black and white screen looks incredibly old-fashioned by today’s standards, but the Gameboy was such a success that over 118 million units were sold worldwide.

Mr Potato Head


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Sometimes the simplest toys are the best, and this is certainly the case with Mr Potato Head. A New York inventor first came up with the idea after playing with real potatoes in his back garden, and it was the first toy ever to be advertised on television. Mr Potato Head has sold millions, and was brought to a whole new generation after it was featured in the Toy Story series of movies.



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Lego launched its plastic bricks just after World War 2, and the set instantly caught on with both boys and girls. The range has expanded steadily ever since, with sets themed around pirates, cities, space and mining to name just a few. Lego has diversified into the world of video games, with Lego Harry Potter or Lego Star Wars games for various platforms, and this constant tweaking of the brand has ensured its continued success.

Copycat Brands

When there’s a successful toy brand like Lego or Barbie, other products pop up trying to get some of the market share for themselves. Some brands like the Kidz n Cats doll or Meccano have also enjoyed huge success, but the same cannot be said of Bratz dolls, which were hugely popular for a few years and are now consigned to the bargain bins only.


Guest blog post by M. Peers.  Peers often blogs on toys and games, and will sometimes even review products for retailers.  Through experience Peers knows a good toy when she sees one and really thinks that toys with a traditional feel like the Kidz n Cats doll could be the next big thing!.. again.


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  1. Wow! seeing the toys that we were playing when I was a kid! Good old days. It made me teary eyed seeing that time passed by so fast. Thank you for sharing this!

  2. I miss my Gameboy! I want to play it now! got to get some batteries!

  3. LEGO! Definitely should be on the top of the list. I think the only reason Barbie has more sales is because girls just have to have all the types unlike lego. Sorry I’m fan-girling over here. Your post just got me so giddy!

  4. Would it be wrong to say that I’d still love to recieve toys for Christmas? I just love this list. Makes me feel so young again. (Not that I’m old or anything.)

  5. Wonderful share . Childhood memories have been refreshed. Barbie has been my passion and same goes to my daughter . Loved the list .

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